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The Frightened Man

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London in the early 1900’s is the setting for the first book  in a promising new series by Kenneth Cameron.  Jack Denton, an American in his fifties, is living in England after moving from the United States. He wrote best selling crime novels in the States, and achieved notoriety there after tragic events in his own life.

Now in England, Jack is approached by a terrified man who claims to have witnessed a murder by Jack the Ripper.  Jack discounts the tale, until a young woman is discovered murdered, and he begins his own investigation.  Scorned by the police and hampered by them as well, he encounters London’s dark side as he tries to uncover the truth.

Well drawn and quirky characters add much to this story, and so do the descriptions of London as a great city in the midst of industrial growth and change.  You can almost feel you are there, walking down a wet, dimly lit alley….


The Frightened Man




Posted by Nancy Stern at 10/15/2009 04:24:07 PM