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Day of Winter Solstice

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It seems fitting, near this first “official” day of winter, to talk about prolific author Jean Little’s newest children’s book titled Dancing Through the Snow. The setting for this heart-warming story could be in any large urban city in the United States or Canada. Since Little is Canadian, this one is set in an un-named province.

Min, the main character, is somewhere around twelve years old, and has just been returned, for the fourth time, to Children’s Aid by her foster parent who “needs a break from kids”. Right before Christmas, Min in taken home by a medical doctor names Jessica Hart. Used to having nothing, “no family, no baby pictures, no real birthday” (book jacket), Min has a bit of a difficult time with this new adjustment. Gradually, she realizes that Dr. Hart, Jess, is just what she seems: kind, open, sharing, and loving in a way that Min has never experienced. Min makes friends, gets a puppy, and disposes of her eight-year-old braids which she has used as a comfort in her various foster homes and schools.

The ending is predictable, but happy all the same. Min, well, I don’t want to tell you any more about Min, because then you won’t want to read the story yourself!



Dancing Through the Snow

Posted by Ann Fleming at 01/26/2010 11:47:23 AM