The Heaven Trilogy

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Have you ever waited years to finish reading a series?  I’ve been waiting for the final book in the Heaven trilogy ever since 2003 when I finished reading First Part Last.  The wait is over!  Angela Johnson finishes her trilogy with the recent release; Sweet, Hereafter.  Just as with her other books, Johnson invites you into the lives of teens and their families from a small town in Ohio.  The characters are so beautifully written; you want to be a part of their lives and watch them come of age.  Sweet, Hereafter touches on topics of war, identity, family and high school relationships in a quick read that will leave you wanting to read more.  Thank you Angela Johnson for allowing me to be a part of the lives of your friends in Heaven!


Sweet, Hereafter

Posted by Jill Lansky at 01/29/2010 04:29:48 PM | 

This book sounds really good. I just wrote a blog about how much I love Kalamazoo's library. I'll be sure to give this book a shot!
Posted by: Shawntai ( Email | Visit ) at 2/14/2010 6:05 PM

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