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Rust Never Sleeps

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I found Jennifer Egan’s new novel A Visit from the Goon Squad an engaging pleasurable read. Great prose mixed with a dash of postmodern structuring, for me, kept it flowing and interesting right to the end. Set against a backdrop of the rock music business with characters that, if not for Egan’s talent, might veer too far into indie rock cliché the novel handles its themes (ageing hipsters, fading glory, the corruption inherent in much of modern culture, & more) with such deft storytelling that they never really hit you until you've completed the novel, even though you've enjoyed it all the way. The book is in essence a series of related and interconnected chapter-long stories that are each great taken alone, but it is the way in which the whole story reveals itself bit by bit and the charecters become more fully formed as each chapter flashes forward and back through the collective timeline of the ensemble of characters that makes this such a great novel, and what marks Egan as such a talented writer.


A Visit from the Goon Squad

Posted by Michael Cockrell at 09/15/2010 03:03:47 PM