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The Words of Gandhi

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I've been meaning to read about Gandhi for a while now. And then I thought to myself: why read about Gandhi when I can read Gandhi himself? Isn't that funny how we do that all the time?--instead of reading a primary source, we read a longer, more confusing, interpretation of that source? Here Attenborough arranges Gandhi's sayings in a simple way, under the headings "daily life," "cooperation," "nonviolence," "faith," and "peace." Here are some of my favorite passages:

"Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true nonviolence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness."

"It is no nonviolence if we merely love those that love us. It is nonviolence only when we love those that hate us...[l]ove of the hater is the most difficult of all. But by the grace of God even this most difficult thing becomes easy to accomplish if we want to do it."

"All of your scholarship, all your study of Shakespeare and Wordsworth would be vain if at the same time you did not build your character and attain mastery over your thoughts and your actions."

"I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and nonviolence are as old as the hills."


The Words of Gandhi

Posted by Matt Smith at 09/22/2010 07:15:01 PM