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Dinosaurs seem to be perpetually intriguing to kids, and here are three new picture books for children ages 3-8 that should appeal to dino fans who just can’t get enough about them.

Brontorina is born to dance and she dreams big. There’s only one problem- she’s a huge dinosaur, and is too big to fit into Madame Lucille’s ballet studio. She towers over the pint sized kids in class, and how can she find ballet slippers large enough, anyway? In James Howe’s book Brontorina, Madame Lucille decides that “The problem is not that you are too big. The problem is that my studio is too small.” In the final pictures of this charming story about acceptance and pursuing your dreams, Brontorina and the children pirouette and jump in Madame’s new open air studio.


I'm Big!

Husband and wife duo Kate and Jim McMullan have another winner in I’m Big!, following others by them such as I Stink (a garbage truck with an attitude). In their newest tale, a gigantic sauropod gets separated from his pack and meets other varieties of dinos in his search, including some hungry carnivores. Using his wits, the creative sauropod eludes them, because as he says, “I’m a whole lotta lizard!” Large colorful illustrations add to the fun.


Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a dinosaur guest at your birthday party? Erin thinks so, and she invites one, in Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex by Lisa McClatchy. Erin even offers the dino enticements such as an extra large cake, goody bags, and games. A T rex takes up a fair amount of space, however, and helping blow out the candles makes the frosting fly. A lot of the fun in this story is in the humorous pictures- an illustration of a puzzled pizza delivery person with 25 pizzas (with pepperoni for the meat eating T rex, of course) is great.

Our library staff are glad to help you find just the right book for children, whatever their interests may be! Come and check out our wide selection.



Posted by Nancy Stern at 10/07/2010 12:50:58 PM