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The Night Fairy

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I don't know if 2008 Newbery Medal winner Laura Amy Schlitz's new book  is an answer to the popularity of the Daisy Meadows books, but The Night Fairy is a really entertaining and well written fairy story. Lots of kids really like stories about fairies. Fairies are fascinating fantastic creatures. And good writing is good writing - valuable to children as well as adults. Flory is a night fairy no taller than an acorn yet rises to the challenge of life without wings after hers are lost. How she solves this crisis is only part of the wonder of the book. Schlitz's naturalistic prose will pull you right into the garden where the story is largely set. A fairy story set within the animal world, the motivations of the characters are entirely believable within that world and fascinating for young and old alike. If you like thrilling flights of the imagination with some not-too-scary-for-bedtime elements, you'll like The Night Fairy. It was a compelling read aloud for my five-year-old daughter and me and is a great choice for fans of fairy stories from later preschool to middle elementary and beyond.


The Night Fairy

Posted by Bill Caskey at 01/21/2011 12:27:38 PM