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We Made a Wampa

Fans of Star Wars of all ages will enjoy the projects in The Star Wars Craft Book.  My family tackled our first project last weekend.  wampa-2-160.jpgWe made our very own Washcloth Wampa!  It took most of the afternoon, but was worth it.  Next on our list to make are: Yoda finger puppets, Han Solo in Soaponite, Wookiee Bird House and a Star Wars snow globe.  The directions for each project are easy to follow and simple to create.  Several of the projects use inexpensive items found around your house or your recycling bin.  The book is filled with fun references for the Jedi in all of us.  Check this book out and let yourself “Give in to the Power of the Crafty Side.  May the glue gun be with you.”



The Star Wars Craft Book
Jill L


Great ideas, great post!
We were flipping through that book in Cataloging Dept. before it went out, and I have to say the Han Solo soap seemed like a big-hitter! What could be better?!

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