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Jack Reacher does it again

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Jack Reacher does it again, The Hard Way. This is the tenth book of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child and it still entertains me. A cataloger turned me on to the Jack Reacher series. She drooled over his physique and indeed he is built. I lean more towards the way he can snap a guys neck, or shoot a guy in the head and all that’s left is a red mist. I am not a fan of his wardrobe. He is proud that he has no possessions and when his clothes are not wearable, he buys new and dumps the old. When he moves on, he never stays anyplace long, he packs his toothbrush and off he goes. He boasts of staying any place only one night but in each book he finds someone in trouble and winds us staying until the trouble is solved, usually by Reacher (he likes to be called by his last name) killing or breaking bones of the “bad guy”. The books tend to go longer than I think they need to but I keep reading them.  


The Hard Way


Posted by Gary Green at 05/20/2011 04:12:35 PM