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Please Look After Mom

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After 37 pages into this somber, touching novel, I realized I would need to wait to read it.  I just came off reading a very exciting, fun, woven, suspenseful novel.  The completely opposite tone of Please Look After Mom would typically be a fitting change.  But, something about the realism of the story, how it gets the reader immediately involved in the loss of the mother and the melancholy reflection of the daughter was nearly too much for me. As many reviews state, there likely won't be a dry eye when reading this story.  I would agree.  It is told in an almost eerie second person:  you read mom the letters from your brother; you found mom on the board of the shed (paraphrased). That is another quality that makes the book so resonating to the soul.

I do want to return to the book at a later time, however.  I get the feeling that a cool, crisp fall day is when I'll find myself picking up this book again.  There is a time and place for everything, every story, and this one will be at another time for me.


Please Look After Mom

Posted by Jennifer Cornell at 07/18/2011 01:12:56 PM