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The Sisters 8 Ate Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Fans of the Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket unite!
Something new has hit the publishing world!  It’s called The Sisters 8 and centers around octuplets, all girls, who find themselves alone on New Year’s Eve of the year they are to turn eight years old.  Written by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, the adventures of Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca and Zinnia and their eight cats (named Anthrax, Dandruff, Greatorex, Jaguar, Minx, Precious, Rambunctious and Zither) will draw you in almost before you finish the Prologue of the first, and of all the other (“The story always begins the same.” p. v, Annie’s Adventures) stories.

Left to their own devices, or almost, the sisters 8 begin to really explore what might have happened to their mother and father, who mysteriously went missing as previously stated, on New Year’s Eve the year the girls were 7 and about to turn 8 years old.  Someone leaves notes behind a stone in the wall of the great room, notes that indicate that each girl has both a power and a gift, and she must discover for herself what her gift/power is. 

Dealing with everyday tasks (cooking, cleaning cat litter boxes, paying bills, driving, school, etc.) proves accomplishable for “the eights”, but arouses suspicions, as the reader would figure it might.  Eight girls and no visible adults?

Keep your hopes up though, for the author has said that there will be a story for each girl, and so far, it’s Annie and Durinda who have come to the surface, and who have begun to help solve the mystery of the disappearing parents.  Boys should not despair, because even though there are 8 girls in these stories, “girls can be just as grubby as boys—you just have to give them half a chance” (Prologue, Annie’s Adventures, p. vi), and who knows but you will enjoy them too, if you give them half a chance!


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