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Portrait of Camelot

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It has now been 50 years since the inauguration of JFK. For those of us who remember, it hardly seems possible that it could have been that long ago. KPL has acquired a fitting commemoration of the brief Kennedy Administration in the form of a book which contains many of the photographs by the official White House photographer from 1961-1963, Cecil W. Stoughton. This book is not a volume of history in the formal sense, although it does introduce short commentaries on each of the pictures. Portrayed are the president and his family in both official and casual settings, both at home and abroad. Regardless of the reader's political views, this week-by-week record of a part of American political life is one that can be either recalled or explored, and in any case, enjoyed.


Portrait of Camelot : a thousand days in the Kennedy White House

Posted by David DeVries at 02/25/2011 03:55:58 PM