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Stories without words

My kindergartener and I recently developed a love for wordless stories. In these books, the plot is driven by the pictures and you and/or your child describe what is happening as you turn the pages. KPL has a lot of can find them in our catalog using the subject heading Stories without words . Some absol ...

Oddball Michigan Posted by   David, 9/26/2014 03:00:04 PM | Add a Comment

Top Secret Twenty One Posted by   Gary, 9/26/2014 12:15:42 PM | Add a Comment

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Thunderstruck is Freaky Friday for basketball. This is a Disney like movie. A high school student loves basketball but sucks at it. He has the classic sister who video tapes him and the classic high school bully who posts the videos on the cafeteria monitor. A side note, this really shows how times have changed and n ...

Making the Grade Posted by   Ryan, 9/19/2014 12:27:59 PM | Add a Comment

Sleepwalkers Posted by   Gary, 9/17/2014 03:44:55 PM | Add a Comment

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Staff-recommended listening from the KPL Catalog

Stand-Up Comedy

I find driving to be a stressful experience a lot of the time, especially when I notice the number of people sending text messages or while listening to the news. To take my mind off those stresses, I’ve started listening to stand-up comedy albums in the car. It’s difficult to be worried when you’re laughing hy ...

Sounds from Twin Peaks Posted by   Caitlin, 9/26/2014 11:36:51 AM | Add a Comment

Dave Brubeck Posted by   Ryan, 9/19/2014 10:22:30 AM | Add a Comment

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Library news and happenings

Read Whatever You Choose

We are joining with libraries, bookstores, and publishers across the country to affirm the freedom to read during Banned Books Week , Sept. 21 – 27. You may be surprised to learn there are hundreds of reported attempts to remove materials from libraries and schools for content deemed by some as inappropriate, cont ...

Bargains with your Library Card Posted by   Ann, 9/8/2014 09:49:30 AM | Add a Comment

Homework Resources Posted by   Ann, 8/27/2014 02:53:50 PM | Add a Comment

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Recent library events, news and more

Healthy Living Workshops @ your library

Beginning in early September, the library will join forces with the Kalamazoo Area Agency on Aging to offer two healthy living workshops that may be of interest to you or someone you know. The first is Personal Action Toward Health (PATH), a 6-week workshop designed to help adults learn techniques and strategies f ...

Storyteller Chris Fascione at Oshtemo Library Posted by   Angela, 7/18/2014 03:13:17 PM | Add a Comment

DIY with the Kids Posted by   Bill, 7/3/2014 04:22:08 PM | Add a Comment

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Bookstore News September 24 - 27

This week I want to mention some items that are part of 3 areas in the bookstore: Collectibles, Best Selling Fiction, and DVDs. I want to give you a feel for what you can find in those areas this week.. Collectibles: • Uncle Wiggily and Friends – a beautiful copy, 1955 • Luke Karamazov by Conrad Hilberry • The ...

Bookstore News Sept. 17 - 20 Posted by   Carol, 9/17/2014 10:19:27 AM | Add a Comment

Friends Bookstore News Sept. 10 - 13 Posted by   Carol, 9/10/2014 01:17:28 PM | Add a Comment

Local History and Genealogy»RSS

Local History and Genealogy

An Idyllic Summer Day

It’s been a while since we posted an unidentified photo so this one has a bonus – an extra related photo. Both feature what appears to be at least three generations of a family posed in front of a house. One is taken from a distance, making the house fully visible. The house is brick and it is clearly in a rural set ...

Michigan’s Historic Lighthouses Posted by   Keith, 5/16/2014 12:00:18 PM | Add a Comment

Images of the Civil War Posted by   Beth, 3/20/2014 03:09:28 PM | Add a Comment


Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence

Where do you find support?

In a recent workshop, the instructor asked, "How many of you have a colleague outside of your organization that you can confide in regarding work issues?" Only two out of approximately 40 raised their hands. A few days later, I spoke with an executive director who talked of not having work related support. “The ...

Get on the Management Track Posted by   Thom, 9/23/2014 03:25:02 PM | Add a Comment

Just ONEthing - Oct 2014 Posted by   Thom, 9/23/2014 03:21:22 PM | Add a Comment