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Robert Paul Brown

  • Board Treasurer
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Robert  Paul  Brown

I remember my father introducing me to the library. I have been an inveterate reader since discovering The Sword in the Fjord on the shelves as a youth. I spent so much time in my hometown library, they put me to work. After awhile, they paid me. It was my first job. In college I haunted the *Z*s in the stacks. 

All four generations of my family in town are readers. Different things at different paces, but if they are not in the middle of something then they are looking for their next read.

Libraries are among the most important, profound and vital institutions create by humankind. The American public libraries are a national treasure. By their nature they are at risk. We should never take them for granted. We do every day, but we shouldn’t.


I hope my efforts as a trustee help promote and protect our library and others. They need to continue to be a fundamental and uplifting resource for the common good of the community and all its people. And an oasis for thirsty minds.

It is an honor to participate with the trustees and staff in serving the patrons of the Kalamazoo Public Library.

Thank you.

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