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D C-T!

If you are of a certain age and you like puzzles, then you--and perhaps by extension, your children--may have a fond memory, as I do, of William Steig’s clever book from 1968, C D B! Written in a sort of code whereby the letters and numbers, spoken aloud, reveal an exclamation or question, this compact book provided loads of entertainment in my family. My favorite exchange: R U C-P? S I M. I M 2.Therefore, I was thrilled to see this new book all about New York City, D C-T!, written in the same vein. Filled with new puzzles and illustrations somewhat reminiscent of Steig’s drawings in C D B!, the visual clues here are specific to the Big Apple, including a Times Square scene where M-L-10 can be seen on a marquee, and C-Q-R-T appears by a drawing of an apartment door covered with chains, locks, and pieces of heavy furniture....



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