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Bookstore Specials October 28 - 31

Vintage or antique objects are valued for several reasons including age, beauty and rarity. Determining whether or not an item is vintage or antique is often a subjective decision. The standard that I use is simple; it must be older than I am. That rule doesn’t strictly apply to some of the” vintage” items we have for sale this week. I’m using the term anyway to describe the collection of vintage postcards as well as the vintage University of Michigan Football Programs.

We have a really charming collection of postcards from as early as 1918 and many from the 1950s and 1960s. The postcards are divided by location; including cards from Michigan, Chicago, New York City, Florida, California and more. Looking through these old postcards bring back memories of days gone by and provide a glimpse of social and cultural history.

College football programs also provide a glimpse into the past. The University of Michigan Programs available include: Indiana – Michigan, Nov. 12, 1949; Michigan – Illinois, Nov. 10, 1956; and Michigan – Michigan State, Oct.12, 1957. These programs are in very good condition and are only $5.00 each.

Other items in the spotlight this week are Hobbies and How To (we have a lot of great books) and VHS videos on sale for ½ price.


Help Us Celebrate Our Golden Anniversary

We’re celebrating! For fifty years the Friends of the Kalamazoo Public Library has been committed to supporting and promoting the library, literacy and reading. To help us celebrate, on Saturday, Michigan author and historian, Larry Massie will present "Old Books, Trash or Treasure" a program designed to help audience members evaluate the worth of their books. (See last week’s post for more information.)

We are also celebrating this important anniversary in the store. What better way to do that than by offering our customers an opportunity to shop from a very special selection of books, and a very special sale? In honor of this milestone we have put together a large and diverse selection of Michigan-themed books. These books include local history (both cities and state), Michigan authors, biographies, cook books and more. In addition to this exceptional selection of Michigan-themed books, we have a really special sale you won’t want to miss. Our regular customers are familiar with our book bundles. A bundle consists of four trade fiction books that normally sell for $2.00 a book. But because we are celebrating you can buy a bundle, four books, for only $2.00. That’s eight dollars worth of books for only $2.00!

Come celebrate with us!


Author Larry Massie presents "Old Books: Trash or Treasure?"

Bookstore Closed until Friday for Recarpeting

Please note: the Friends Bookstore will be closed Wednesday (8/20) and Thursday (8/21) for recarpeting. We'll reopen Friday morning (8/22) at 10 am with a fresh new look and plenty of great bargains! See you then!