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Bookstore News October 30 - November 2

As you walk in the front door of the bookstore, just to your right, is a bookshelf which houses our New Arrivals and Staff Picks. “New arrival” often means very current, recently published books. Staff picks are books that volunteers have read and recommend. Here’s the titles of a few I picked out to share with you, to give you an idea of what we have.
• “July 1914 Countdown to War” by Sean McMeekin, published 2013 – a history of the decisions that led to the war in 1914
• “Say Nice Things About Detroit”, by Scott Lasser, published 2012 – a suspenseful tale set in Detroit and recommended by Elmore Leonard
• “Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou, published 2013 – a memoir about Maya Angelou’s relationship with her mother
• “The Orchard A Memoir” by Theresa Weir, published 2011 – a gripping memoir of woman’s “struggle, resilience, and love in the American heartland”
• “The Quest” by Nelson DeMille, published 2013 – DeMille’s latest thriller
• “Brotherhood, Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream” by Deepak Chopra and Sanjiv Chopra, published 2013
That’s just a few titles to whet your interest. I hope you’ll come down this week and see what else we have.

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