Bookstore News March 19 - 22

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 We received a donation of some wonderful needlework magazines. Yarn forward and Interweave Knits include knitting and crochet patterns, colorful pictures and interesting articles. Quilting Arts Magazine is a high quality magazine with inspired quilt designs and Belle Armoire – Art to Wear has fantastic designer quality sewing projects. These magazines are priced between 25¢ and $1.00. These are just a few of the fine needlework publications we have available. There are loads of great ideas and lovely, creative projects in these magazines.

 Do you remember the Landmark Book series? The books are true stories about American History and were written in the 1950s and 60s. We have a nice collection of these books. I know many homeschoolers like them. These books are not in “collectible”” condition, buy they are good solid reading copies, mostly without dust jackets. At $2.00 each it’s a great deal.


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Thank you for information
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