Bookstore Specials November 4 - 7

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Today I woke up to the morning radio DJ announcing that there are only 52 shopping days left until Christmas. Time seems to go so fast! I think I hear this statement or say it myself almost every day. Today, as we do every Tuesday in the bookstore, we talked about what to spotlight this week. We all agreed it’s time to put out the Christmas and Hanukah books. So, if you are ready to plunge (or maybe just wade) into the holiday season, we have the books to help you do just that. Our Holiday Books cart includes fiction, both children and adult, and holiday crafts and cooking.

Also this week VHS videos remain at ½ off our low price (most are only $1.00) and we have an extra cart of Hobbies and How To… books available.

We are still quite low on children’s books. Perhaps you have books your children have outgrown and have been thinking about donating them. Now would be a great time. We will gratefully accept and appreciate your donation. Check out the Donating Books & Media link on our website or call 553.7821 with questions about donating.

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