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Bookstore News September 25 - 28

We’ve worked very hard to get out the message that the Friends Bookstore has an exciting selection of recently released titles and currently popular books. We’ve gone to great lengths to let people know that we are not the kind of bookstore that is full of dusty old volumes with long forgotten titles.

But people do like old books too. And many people enjoy looking through books from days gone by. So this week we have pulled together a cart full of vintage volumes for just those folks. If you are one of those people, come down and peruse our golden oldies.

In addition to vintage volumes we are spotlighting hunting books this week.  From wild turkey to deer and big game, there’s a lot to choose from. 



Bookstore News September 18 - 21

The Bag-of Books Sale was a great success! Many wonderful books found new homes and space was made for “new” books to make their way into the bookstore. The next Bag Sale is scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014. In November we hold our annual Gift-Quality Book Sale. That sale begins the day after Thanksgiving and you can buy wonderful gift-quality books for a fraction of retail price. These are both special events to look forward to. In the meantime we are open four days a week, every week, with great selections at amazingly low prices.

Annual Fall Bag-of-Books September 14

The arrival of September signals a time of change and annual autumn events begin again; school starts, temperatures begin to drop, high school football teams battle their rivals, cider and doughnuts tempt us again, and the Friends Annual September Bag-of Books Sale is held once more. 

 Here are the specifics: 

Saturday, September 14

9:00 - 3:30

Third Floor, Central Library

All books are 10 cents each or fill a grocery-size bag full for $2.00. Buy one of our bags and fill it or bring your own bags.Tables will be filled with fiction, mystery, science fiction, and romance. We will also have a large selection of non-fiction, much separated by category. Mark your calendars now.
Call 553.7820 with questions.


Bookstore News August 28 - 31

The Children’s Book Sale continues this week. People walked out of the store with armloads of great children’s books last week for ½ of our already low prices. No worries if you missed the sale last week, not only are all children’s books still ½ off but all the shelves have been refilled and the selection is fantastic!

If you have ever dreamed about starting your own business, you might want to plan on paying us a visit this week. We have a great selection of books that might give you some ideas and suggestion on ways to make that dream come true and show you ways to profit from doing what you love.

And don't forget - Saturday, September 14, is the next Bag-of-Books Sale!



Bookstore News August 21 - 24

This week ALL children's books are 1/2 off! That means all picture books, all chapter books, all science books, all classics, all easy readers, all myths and folk tales - well I thnk you get it - ALL chilldren's books are 1/2 off!

Bookstore News August14 - 17

Books for 10¢ each! A grocery-size bag filled to the very top with books for only $2.00! It’s almost time for the annual Friends Fall Bag-of-Books Sale! Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 14. The sale will be on the third floor of Central Library and will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You will find lots of fiction, assorted non-fiction and children’s books. Stay tuned and I will fill you in on the details as we get closer to the date.

In the store this week we have lots of new children’s books, CDs, cookbooks, and unique and interesting reference materials.

Bookstore News August 7 - 10

Back to school, those are either dreaded words or music to your ears, depending on your perspective. We’ve already had people in looking for books from class reading lists. We have a good selection of the classics, literature, and quality fiction that teachers often ask their students read. Think about us when you get ready to buy. Why pay $10.00, $15.00, or more when you could buy it here for $1.00 or $2.00?

We have put together a cart of books for Back to School. It includes reference materials like dictionaries, atlases, grammar and writing aids, and other things that will be helpful in school.

And, on a totally non-school related topic, we have a nice collection of Nancy Drew books. These are hard cover, with a yellow binding, published in 2000. They’re a deal at $2.00 apiece.

Bookstore News July 31 - August 3

Videos remain on sale this week. Popular movie titles and new and classic children’s videos are only 50¢ each. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the “good old days” you might be interested in the Collector’s Edition of Soap, the popular and controversial prime-time soap opera spoof that ran from 1977 to 1981. The complete show is available in 20 videos.
     Are you the type of person who read encyclopedias when you were a kid? Do you love trivia? Do you surf the internet looking for interesting information? If you said yes to any of these questions we have a collection of books that might be right down your alley. This week we have a very interesting assortment of reference books on some unusual topics. You will find a compendium of aliens, robots and space ships, an encyclopedia of cowboys, an atlas of ancient Egypt, a dictionary of soldier talk, a book of famous villains, and more. You really need to come see for yourself.

Bookstore News July 24 - 27

We’re running a ½ price sale on all our VHS videos. We have a large selection of videos including popular movies, Walt Disney movies, nature videos and more. Individual videos are only 50¢ and sets are ½ off too.

Poetry is also being featured this week. Select poetry is ½ off. We have also refilled our shelves with a lot of “new” poetry. There is much to choose from.

Bookstore News July 17 - 20

We are now accepting credit and debit cards! We listened when you said you wanted to be able to use your credit and debit cards to buy books at the store. It’s a fact that most of us have become used to paying with plastic. Many of us rarely carry cash anymore, which makes shopping at a “cash only” store a bit challenging. Starting tomorrow, there’s no need to stop at the ATM to make sure you have cash or to remember to bring along your checkbook. When the store opens on Wednesday you may use your MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for your purchases. A minimum purchase of $5.00 will be necessary to use a credit or debit card.