Post Election Bookstore Bargains November 5 - 8

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The election is on my mind as I write this, but presumably it will soon be over and Americans will have a newly elected president. Some of us will be happy and some of us won't. Each of the candidates has promised change and has expressed the desire to move our country in a new direction. Most Americans seem to be hoping and expecting that change is on the way.

Change can undoubtedly be a good thing. On the other hand it's nice to be able to depend on certain things. You may be able to guess where I'm going with this, after all this is a bookstore blog. You can depend on finding a great variety of gently used and priced books and special features each week at the Friends Bookstore.

Featured this week are Thanksgiving books and Christmas books, music, and movies. We also have selected sets of books at 1/2 price. We even have a 22 volume set, the Dictionary of American Biographies (pub. 1937) that you can make an offer on. We are also continuing to put out extra fiction and mystery for you to choose from.

Take a break from politics and enjoy some time browsing through the bookstore this week.





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