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I just talked to some folks this weekend who told me theyread this blog each week to find out what’s new in the bookstore. I loveknowing that. Every once in a while someone will mention that they keep up withthe bookstore news through these weekly posts. That’s good to know. I liketalking about our bookstore, our books, and our specials, so I’m happy to know thatyou like to hear about them.

This week we are continuing to feature history – American, world, and military. There was a lot of newmaterial added this week. In honor of William Shakespeare’s recent birthday, weare also featuring Shakespeare’sworks. Individual plays in paperback are only 25¢! We also have several copiesof the complete works of Shakespeare for only a dollar or two. Finally we are havinga ½ Off Sale on our encyclopedia sets.This includes a 2005 Encyclopedia Americana set with 30 volumes, sale price is$50.00 – the Americana is geared toward high school and first year collegestudents; a 2003 New Book of Knowledge by Grolier with 21 volumes, sale price$30.00 – this set is geared for elementary and middle school age children; a2002 Compton’s with 26 volumes, sale price $17.50 – right for middle and highschool students; and lastly a 1988 Encyclopedia Britannica with both micropediaand macropedia in 29 volumes, sale price $25.00. As you probably know theBritannica is no longer being published in a hard copy format. It is anencyclopedia well known for its in-depth articles. All these are great dealsand very hard to beat. Come see us.

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