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Bookstore News July 18 - 21

Have you ever wondered who the bestselling or most prolific authors are?  These are the kinds of questions that come up as we are sorting, pricing, and shelving books while getting the store ready to open. Based on the books that are currently popular, one might be tempted to guess that James Patterson is one of the most prolific authors. It seems like he is turning out a new book every couple months. After checking, I found that he has written 71 novels. That’s very respectable, however, that pales in comparison to Jose Carlos Ryoki de Alpoim Inoue who according to Guinness World Records, had 1,075 novels published between 1986 and 1996! You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that the bestselling author of all time is Agatha Christie. Since 1920 Ms Christie’s books have sold over a billion copies in English and another billion in over 45 foreign languages! She is outsold only by the Bible and the Bard.

Well, that’s my book trivia for the day. Now, what you really want to hear from me is what’s new in the bookstore! In addition to lots of James Patterson and Agatha Christie (I don’t think we have any Ryoki Inoue) we have many more of your favorite authors and the following categories featured this week:

  • Music – we have books on opera, jazz, ragtime, popular music and more
  • Hobbies and How to -  crafts, needlework, home improvement, collectibles, and games
  • Cooking – we have a huge selection of cookbooks
  • Art -  books on artist, how to, styles of art and more

Come down and see us. We’re air conditioned!