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Recently I was reading an article about children’s picture books online. I’d like to share a paragraph with you that I think captures the essence of reading picture books aloud.

“The words in a picture book are written to be performed. They are meant to be read aloud. Each syllable, each line break, each sentence’s placement on the page and where those critical page-turns occur, the rhythm, the word choice, the repetition (and maybe even the rhyme, if it’s done well) — all of these are massively important. The goal is for everything to come together in such a way that the reader of the book becomes a star performer and their audience adores them. The read-aloud experience should be so extraordinary that practically as soon as the book is closed, everyone just wants to open it up and do it again.”

Reading a picture book aloud should be an EXPERIENCE. Reading aloud is a shared activity, as much fun for the reader as the read to. Stories we hear as children often stay with us our whole lives, teaching lessons that become part of the fabric of who we are. The memories of being read to can also last a lifetime.

The Friends Bookstore has a wonderful collection of children’s picture books and older children’s books also. This week you will find many on sale for ½ off. For a dollar or less you can create an experience and make wonderful memories too.

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