Bookstore News November 6 - 9

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November is Picture Book Month. I think it’s fitting that we set aside an entire month to celebrate picture books. Picture books make a valuable and significant contribution in our lives. If you love stories there’s a good chance that love was nurtured at a very young age. It’s a good bet that the pleasure you receive from a well-told tale began snuggled up with mom or dad and a picture book. We know that reading to children is a nurturing activity that encourages a love of reading. So, this month we will celebrate picture books!

We have an enormous supply of picture books. We have picture books that tell comforting stories, teaching stories, exciting stories, well, all kinds of stories. And don’t forget the “picture” in picture book. The pictures add so much to the story and the artwork is often phenomenal. Most of our picture books are priced at a dollar or two. Come down to the bookstore and help us celebrate picture books this month!

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