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Book Donations Are Appreciated

People often ask if we accept donated books. My answer is "gladly and gratefully." Books donated by the members of our community fill the shelves at the Friends Bookstore. We are often amazed at the wonderful books that we receive.

Donating books is an easy way to have a positive effect on our community.The simple act of donating materials to the bookstore results in a couple of constructive outcomes.  Gently used donated books are gently priced so everyone is able to afford to buy and own books. In addition to that, the proceeds from book sales go to help support the library and its programs. Its a win-win situation.

Please consider donating your gently used books (in good condition) to the Friends Bookstore. For specifics on what we do and do not accept click on the Donating Books and Media link. Our goal is to provide desirable books that are clean and in good condition in the store. Your gently used donations make this possible.




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