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The Webster’s New International Dictionary was revised and expanded in 1934 for a second edition. This edition is popularly known as Webster’s Second or W2. This enormous dictionary has over 600,000 entries and reportedly contains every word used in the works of Shakespeare including the names of all the characters. Also included in this edition are a Pronouncing Biographical Dictionary; many proper names from mythology, fiction, and the Bible as well as names of buildings and works of art; a ten page section titled Arbitrary Signs and Symbols; and more than 30 color plates. Webster’s Second contains a famous error, the inclusion of the ghost word “dord." Dord is the result of a slip of paper written during the editing process which read “D or d, cont./density” This notation was made by the chemistry editor and indicated that D or d were abbreviations for the word “density." D or d was misinterpreted as a single word and dord became a synonym for density. Dord was first noticed by an editor five years later. We have one of these wonderful, massive dictionaries in the bookstore and it can be yours for $45.00.

 Special topics in the spotlight this week are; philosophy, religion, women’s studies, and vehicles. And, don’t forget a week from this Saturday is our annual September Book Sale. Books are 10¢ each or $2.00 for a bagful.

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