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Old Books, Trash or Treasure?

Is that old copy of Gone with the Wind you inherited from your grandmother worth something or should you be using it to prop open the back door.  Come to the Central Library's Van Deusen Room on Saturday, October 10 and find out.  At 2 p.m. Michigan author and historian, Larry Massie, will present "Old Books, Trash or Treasure" and will illustrate his talk with examples from his own extensive (over 35,000 volume) library.  After his talk, Massie will evaluate up to 2 books, pamphlets or magazines from each audience member.  This program is presented to the public as a gift from the Friends of the Library who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.  Although it is completely FREE, reservations are required.  Call 553-7821 to insure your seat at this fast-paced, fun and informative show.



This sounds interesting especially from an "inheritance" point of view. Danielle Redmond Streed at our law office focuses her practice on Estate Planning and the passing of those precious possessions to those we love. Including books!

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