New in the Bookstore Jan. 13 - 16

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This week there are several interesting additions to our inventory that I'd like to bring to your attention. First, we have a small,  but very nice selection of Louis L'amour books in hardcover. These are part of the Louis L'amour Hardcover Collection published by Bantam books and in very good condition. We also have a lovely eleven volume set titled The Works of Shakespeare.This is the Eversley Edition published in 1902 by the Macmillan Company. The books are a deep wine color with gilt lettering and this set is also in very good condition. We just received a 2007 World Book Encyclopedia set. World Book is a very accessible encyclopedia, considered by many to be among the most readable. It uses a "simple-to -more-complex" approach within articles so the information can be understood by various age levels. It is a wonderful reference to have in the home and is priced at only $125.00. Finally we have a large selection of cookbooks available.  Here are a just few of the types of cookbooks we put out this week: pasta, Italian, Greek, soup, slow cooker, stir fry, vegetarian, and one dish meals. There are a lot more. We look forward to seeing you this week.

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