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Bookstore News April 14 - 17(2)

Pet and animal books are in the spotlight this week in the bookstore. We have all kinds of books on how to care for and enjoys dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and various other animals. We even have a book  that promises to help you "probe the depths of the canine psyche" titled How to Live with a Neurotic Dog. Don't feel left out if you have a cat, we also have How to Live with a Neurotic Cat.

We have a nice selection of books on boating. Most of the books are about sailing, both how to sail and true stories about sailing. There are also books on basic boat maintenance and repair.

A large selection of books on religion is available to peruse. Of special interest is the Interpreter's Bible in 12 volumes. This set is ex-library and is priced at only $35.00.