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Autumn in Michigan can be a breathtakingly beautiful time of year. The colors of the leaves, the way the sunlight shimmers on the yellows and reds, and the lovely gentle way the leaves float to the ground make spending time outdoors an almost spiritual experience. Most Michiganders love fall (even if they dread the following season.) If you enjoy this state and are interested in its history, people, lakes, environment, and more, you will want to check out our Michigan-themed collection of books. I think you'll find many topics and titles to pique your interest.

Many of you are familiar with our book bundles, four fiction books which normally sell for $2.00 each are bundled together and sold for only $2.00 for all four books. It' a wonderful deal - but you must take what is available, the titles that come bundled together. This week we decided to offer a "Make Your Own Bundle Sale." You may mix and match, pick any four books from the selected books and pay only $2.00!

We have received an abundance of really nice donations recently. Be sure and come in and check out your favorite sections of the store. We have a lot of new things.

Here's a real deal for someone - a 2009 PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) for only $10.00!

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