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Bookstore News July 6 - 9

July is National Anti-Boredom Month. I didn’t know this until today. Luckily, I work with some exceptionally bright and well-informed people at the bookstore and Linda Kanamueller, volunteer extraordinaire, shared this fact with me. My interest was piqued and I did a little research.

National Anti-Boredom Month and The Boring Institute (theboringinstitute.blogspot.com) were created in 1984, by author Alan Caruba, as a media spoof. Caruba states in his blog that “boredom is your mind demanding to be ‘fed’, ‘stimulated’, fulfilled in the same way the body must be fed.” Caruba attributes many of society’s problems, including crime and failed marriages, to boredom. He suggests activities to help eliminate boredom and remarks that “as a longtime book reviewer, I cannot fail to say that reading is absolutely essential to avoid boredom. There are few pleasures that can rival a good book whether it is fiction or non-fiction. They shine a light in the dark and empty places of the mind”

You can fight boredom, enjoy yourself, and help support the library this week all by stopping by the bookstore and buying a book or two! We look forward to seeing you.

In the spotlight this week: Poetry, Hobbies and How To, Science and Nature, Military, and Science Fiction.



It's also National Ice Cream Month. How does that leave room for boredom?

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