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Bookstore News September 14 - 17

We had a great sale Saturday!  My best guess is that 8000 plus books were purchased by very happy customers for 10¢ a piece or for $2.00 a bag full. I saw parents and teachers buying bags of children’s books! The large print table dwindled rapidly. It was obvious that sci-fi fans as well as romance novel enthusiasts knew where the bargains were on Saturday! Many people left the sale on the third floor and came directly down to the store to continue shopping. As at every sale, we had many new customers that were unfamiliar with our store, but were thrilled when they realized the great selection and prices that are available to our customers every week of the year! Sales were remarkable and all those books that sold left room for lots of new material that we put out this week. Be sure and come in to check out all the exciting new books, CDs, DVDs, audio books and more.

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