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I enjoy my home state of Michigan so much this time of year. The vibrant fall colors, the warm days and cool nights create those perfect autumn days I wish could be bottled and saved to open and re-live in January. Ah well….If you enjoy Michigan and reading about local places, history, people, and events, we have a collection of books for you. Here are a few of the Michigan-themed books you’ll find at the store this week...

  • Kalamazoo Lost and Found by Houghton and O’Connor
  • Portage and Its Past by Potts
  • Kalamazoo the Place Behind the Products by Massie and Schmitt
  • Richland From Its Prairie Beginnings by McKean, Harrison, and McBride
  • Nineteenth century Homes of Marshall, Michigan by Skjelver
  • Many, many more

All these books are in very good condition.

If you read French or Spanish and would like to add to your home library, make a point of coming to the store this week. The French books include many novels, some history, biographies and a great selection of some wonderful children’s books. The Spanish books also include fiction with popular authors like Tom Clancy, Nora Roberts, and Jean Auel. There is also a good selection of interesting nonfiction.

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