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Bookstore News July 29 - August 1

This week we have lots of great literature and a really fine selection of poetry. Those of you that have been checking our railroad and train shelf well be happy to know that it is no longer empty. We now have a very nice, but small selection of train books. Of course, as always, we put out lots of "new" books in almost every category.

Bookstore News July 22 - 25

The sale continues on music CDs this week..... and to tempt you even more we've added DVDs to the sale. All single CDs and DVDs are only $1.00 each this week! And Christmas in July continues also.

Music CD Sale - July 15 - 18

Life is better with music and happily we have music on sale this week! We normally sell our CDs for $2.50 each, but this week all single CDs are only $1.00 and CD sets will be priced at 50¢ per disc.We are putting out several extra carts of CDs and they will be separated by genre. You’ll be able to choose from Classical, Opera, and Miscellaneous (which includes Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, and Country).

Big Fiction & Mystery Sale This Week 7/22 - 7/25

Due to very generous donations this year, we will soon reach the point where books will exceed available space. Too many books and too little space mean it's time for a SALE. This week all hardcover fiction and mystery (regularly priced at $1.00) will be 50% off. We have hundreds and hundreds of books to choose from. You truly will find books that you would pay $25 or $30 for new for only 50¢. If you like to read fiction and mystery you don’t want to miss this sale!

Bookstore News July 3 and 4

Only 6 months until Christmas - get an early start on your Christmas craft projects and planning. We have a cart full of great Christmas craft books, cookbooks, and stories.

We will be closed on Friday and Saturday, as will the library, to celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday.

Bookstore News June 24 - 27

If you’re a Chicago Cubs Fan this would be a good week to visit the bookstore. We received a donation of Cubs books that cover everything from A to Z. We have so many books about the Cubs that we couldn’t get them all out into the store, so if you have a special interest ask me (Carol) and I’ll see if I can help.

Bookstore News June 17 - 20

This week our spotlights* are: Religion, Music and 2015 Hot Picks.
* Spotlight – a cart full of interesting books from a specific topic.

Bookstore News 10 - 13

What a great book sale on Saturday. Every single book was gone at the end of the day! We saw lots of old friends and lots of new faces.

So you came to the sale and stocked up on books, maybe you bought a bag or two for $2.oo a piece. But, this is a new week and we stocked the store with lots of new things. I hope we see you soon.

If you didn’t make it to the sale don’t despair. We have a great selection of books in the store and our everyday prices are almost unbeatable.

Summer Bag-of-Books Sale 6/6/15

The Friends Summer Bag-of-Books Sale will take place on Saturday, June 6 during June Jubilee Weekend in downtown Kalamazoo. It’s our biggest book sale of the year and it takes place during a very exciting, activity-packed weekend that officially kicks off the summer season in Kalamazoo.

The sale opens at 9:00 a.m. under the portico at the Central Library on Rose Street. Tables and carts will be filled with thousands of books. You will find fiction, science fiction, romance, children’s books and nonfiction separated by category.

You will only pay 10¢ per book or for an even better deal you can fill a grocery-size bag full of books and pay only $2.00! You may bring your own sturdy bag. (In fact I encourage you to.) We will have paper grocery bags available which you can buy for $2.00 and then fill.
The sale closes at 3:30. 

If you come early you’ll get the very best selection and get to participate in the happy hustle and bustle that always marks the first couple hours of the sale. If you come a little later you will have a little more relaxed shopping experience. Or come twice and experience both!

Mark your calendars. The deals are unbeatable and the selection is great. Call 269.553.7820 with questions.

Bookstore News May 20 - 23

Select books on CDs (fiction) are only a dollar this week! If you have a long commute or are planning a road trip this summer, you need to stop down and buy a few for the road! We have lots to choose from.