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Friends Bookstore will be closed until January 8. Wishing you a very happy New Year!


Holiday Schedule

We will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week. All of next week we will be closed. When we reopen on Wednesday, January 8th we will be reorganized and reinvigorated and ready for the new year.

Happy holidays!

Bookstore News and Holiday Schedule - December 2013

Are you traveling over the holidays? Long drives are the perfect time to enjoy an audio book. We just received a big selection of books on CD. We have a lot of fiction and mystery and a smattering of very good nonfiction too. As always the prices are hard to beat.

Are you still gift shopping? We still have quite a few gift-quality books. In addition to the special “gift-quality” books there are many wonderful books on our shelves that would make great gifts.

Holiday Schedule:
     • The week of the 16th – open all week – regular schedule
     • The week of the 23rd – Closed on the 25th and open the 26th, 27th, and 28th
     • The week of the 30th - CLOSED ALL WEEK

Bookstore News December 11 - 14

Many of us are seriously occupied with gift buying decisions right now. Buying and giving just-the-right gift is a wonderful thing! Sometimes thinking of just-the-right gift is a frustrating thing. I can whole-heartedly recommend browsing the bookstore for any reader on your holiday list. We have a great selection of books and the bang-for-your-buck is hard to beat anywhere in town. While you’re here check out our Collectibles Cabinet. The Collectibles Cabinet contains all sorts of special books; you will find rare, signed, and unusual books. Here are a few examples of the signed books we have:

• The Life You Imagine – signed by Derek Jeter
• Garden of the Beast – signed by Erik Larson
• Theodore Boone – signed by John Grisham
• White House Diary – signed by President Jimmy Carter

Just ask at the counter and we will be happy to let you look through our collectible books. Maybe just-the-right gift is waiting for you there.

Friends Bookstore News December 4 - 7

What a busy and transitional time last weekend was! We put away the autumn and Thanksgiving décor and immediately put up the Christmas decorations. My head is swimming a little. The Friends Bookstore began its annual Gift Book Sale on Friday and our little shop was buzzing with activity all day. Several people mentioned that the store was crowded, but that everyone seemed happy. We have plenty of gift-quality books left, so please don’t worry that you’ve missed out if you didn’t make it down last weekend. We will continue to put out new things as we can. Come downtown, enjoy the decorations on the mall and in the park, take a ride on the Holly Jolly Trolley, and come see us at the bookstore.

Friends Bookstore News November 27 - 30

Happy Thanksgiving! The Holiday Season has officially begun. I'd like to suggest to you again this year that you start your Black Friday shopping in downtown Kalamazoo.  I'd like to further suggest that you make your first stop the Friends Bookstore. Friday is the first day of our annual Gift-Quality Book Sale. You will find a fabulous selection of books that you will be proud to give as gifts. In addition to the joy you will feel at finding just the right gift, you will be very pleased with yourself  because you will pay just a fraction of the retail price!

Bookstore News November 20 - 13

I often think I want to start reading biographies again. They were my read of choice at one point in my life and I always felt like I learned a lot from them. If biographies interest you we have a great selection right now. Here are three titles you’ll find on our Biography Spotlight cart: Flannery O’Connor A Life, Olmsted’s America An “Unpractical Man and his Vision of Civilization, Edward Hopper, An Intimate Biography. Most biographies are priced at one or two dollars.

Don’t forget – next week, Friday, November 29th is the first day of our annual Gift-Quality Book Sale. Like-new books sell for a fraction of retail price.

Bookstore News November 13 - 16

Gift-quality books from a used book store. Really? If you’ve never been to our annual Gift Book Sale you might question that. But, if you have been to the Friends Gift Book Sale you most likely have it marked on your calendar and have plans to be here when the doors open.

All year we set aside books for this sale. These books must meet one very strict standard; they must look like new books. Surprisingly we receive enough “like new” donations to put together a pretty awesome sale every year. So here’s the bottom line – you can buy gift-quality, “like-new” books for a fraction of retail price.

The sale starts at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 29. Start your holiday shopping at the Friends Bookstore and I think you’ll get off to a very rewarding start!

This week: Buy select trade fiction, normally priced at $2.00 each, two for a dollar.

Bookstore News November 6 - 9

November is Picture Book Month. I think it’s fitting that we set aside an entire month to celebrate picture books. Picture books make a valuable and significant contribution in our lives. If you love stories there’s a good chance that love was nurtured at a very young age. It’s a good bet that the pleasure you receive from a well-told tale began snuggled up with mom or dad and a picture book. We know that reading to children is a nurturing activity that encourages a love of reading. So, this month we will celebrate picture books!

We have an enormous supply of picture books. We have picture books that tell comforting stories, teaching stories, exciting stories, well, all kinds of stories. And don’t forget the “picture” in picture book. The pictures add so much to the story and the artwork is often phenomenal. Most of our picture books are priced at a dollar or two. Come down to the bookstore and help us celebrate picture books this month!

Bookstore News October 30 - November 2

As you walk in the front door of the bookstore, just to your right, is a bookshelf which houses our New Arrivals and Staff Picks. “New arrival” often means very current, recently published books. Staff picks are books that volunteers have read and recommend. Here’s the titles of a few I picked out to share with you, to give you an idea of what we have.
• “July 1914 Countdown to War” by Sean McMeekin, published 2013 – a history of the decisions that led to the war in 1914
• “Say Nice Things About Detroit”, by Scott Lasser, published 2012 – a suspenseful tale set in Detroit and recommended by Elmore Leonard
• “Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou, published 2013 – a memoir about Maya Angelou’s relationship with her mother
• “The Orchard A Memoir” by Theresa Weir, published 2011 – a gripping memoir of woman’s “struggle, resilience, and love in the American heartland”
• “The Quest” by Nelson DeMille, published 2013 – DeMille’s latest thriller
• “Brotherhood, Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream” by Deepak Chopra and Sanjiv Chopra, published 2013
That’s just a few titles to whet your interest. I hope you’ll come down this week and see what else we have.

Bookstore News October 23 - 26(1)

Here’s what’s half price this week:

Select tween/teen books, mostly fiction with a bit of nonfiction are ½ off!  Many if not most of these books are only 25¢ or 50¢ now!

All our Halloween books are reduced by half so they will fly out of the store and into someone’s home where they can work their Halloween magic before the big day!

Select fiction that’s part of one of our quirkier sales – all the books have orange or black or orange & black colored spines. It’s an interesting and totally diverse and dissimilar collection of books. Hey the good things is they are normally $2.00 books that are only $1.oo this week

Come and take a look.


Bookstore News October 23 - 26

Here’s what’s half price this week:

Select tween/teen books, mostly fiction with a bit of nonfiction are ½ off!  Many if not most of these books are only 25¢ or 50¢ now!

All our Halloween books are reduced by half so they will fly out of the store and into someone’s home where they can work their Halloween magic before the big day!

Select fiction that’s part of one of our quirkier sales – all the books have orange or black or orange & black colored spines. It’s an interesting and totally diverse and dissimilar collection of books. Hey the good things is they are normally $2.00 books that are only $1.oo this week

Come and take a look.


Bookstore News October 16 - 19

This week in the store:
   • Select Children and Tween books are ½ off. Great prices on great picture and chapter books!
   • A spotlight on Biographies. Biographies can inspire, entertain, and teach, why not read a biography of someone    interesting this week? We have a great selection.
   • Halloween Books –“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers,’ tis near Halloween.”  It's almost here, enjoy it!

Bookstore News October 9 - 12

Recently I was reading an article about children’s picture books online. I’d like to share a paragraph with you that I think captures the essence of reading picture books aloud.

“The words in a picture book are written to be performed. They are meant to be read aloud. Each syllable, each line break, each sentence’s placement on the page and where those critical page-turns occur, the rhythm, the word choice, the repetition (and maybe even the rhyme, if it’s done well) — all of these are massively important. The goal is for everything to come together in such a way that the reader of the book becomes a star performer and their audience adores them. The read-aloud experience should be so extraordinary that practically as soon as the book is closed, everyone just wants to open it up and do it again.”

Reading a picture book aloud should be an EXPERIENCE. Reading aloud is a shared activity, as much fun for the reader as the read to. Stories we hear as children often stay with us our whole lives, teaching lessons that become part of the fabric of who we are. The memories of being read to can also last a lifetime.

The Friends Bookstore has a wonderful collection of children’s picture books and older children’s books also. This week you will find many on sale for ½ off. For a dollar or less you can create an experience and make wonderful memories too.

Bookstore News October 2 - 5

“The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television.” ~Andrew Ross, author

Our small bookstore is filled with ideas to contemplate, facts to learn, and stories that will carry you away.

I want to share with you a list of the categories of books we have available in the bookstore. You'll find lots of food for thought.

Architecture, Art, Biography, Black Studies, Business, CDs (music), Children’s, Civil War, Classics, Collectibles, Computers, Cooking, Crafts, Diet, Drama, Education, Fiction, Fitness, Food, Foreign Language, Gardening, Geography, Government, Health, History, Hobbies, How To, Humor, Language, Law, Literature, Marriage, Mathematics, Medicine, Michigan, Military, Miscellaneous, Music, Mystery, Native American, Nature, New Age, New Arrivals, Occult, Parenting, Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Reading, Reference, Religion, Romance, Science, Science Fiction, Self Help, Seniors, Sociology, Speaking, Speech, Sports, Spy, Travel, True Stories, Vintage Volumes, Westerns, Women’s Issues, Writing, Young Adult Fiction

We invite you to come in and browse.

Bookstore News September 25 - 28

We’ve worked very hard to get out the message that the Friends Bookstore has an exciting selection of recently released titles and currently popular books. We’ve gone to great lengths to let people know that we are not the kind of bookstore that is full of dusty old volumes with long forgotten titles.

But people do like old books too. And many people enjoy looking through books from days gone by. So this week we have pulled together a cart full of vintage volumes for just those folks. If you are one of those people, come down and peruse our golden oldies.

In addition to vintage volumes we are spotlighting hunting books this week.  From wild turkey to deer and big game, there’s a lot to choose from. 


Bookstore News September 18 - 21

The Bag-of Books Sale was a great success! Many wonderful books found new homes and space was made for “new” books to make their way into the bookstore. The next Bag Sale is scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014. In November we hold our annual Gift-Quality Book Sale. That sale begins the day after Thanksgiving and you can buy wonderful gift-quality books for a fraction of retail price. These are both special events to look forward to. In the meantime we are open four days a week, every week, with great selections at amazingly low prices.

Annual Fall Bag-of-Books September 14

The arrival of September signals a time of change and annual autumn events begin again; school starts, temperatures begin to drop, high school football teams battle their rivals, cider and doughnuts tempt us again, and the Friends Annual September Bag-of Books Sale is held once more. 

 Here are the specifics: 

Saturday, September 14

9:00 - 3:30

Third Floor, Central Library

All books are 10 cents each or fill a grocery-size bag full for $2.00. Buy one of our bags and fill it or bring your own bags.Tables will be filled with fiction, mystery, science fiction, and romance. We will also have a large selection of non-fiction, much separated by category. Mark your calendars now.
Call 553.7820 with questions.

Bookstore News August 28 - 31

The Children’s Book Sale continues this week. People walked out of the store with armloads of great children’s books last week for ½ of our already low prices. No worries if you missed the sale last week, not only are all children’s books still ½ off but all the shelves have been refilled and the selection is fantastic!

If you have ever dreamed about starting your own business, you might want to plan on paying us a visit this week. We have a great selection of books that might give you some ideas and suggestion on ways to make that dream come true and show you ways to profit from doing what you love.

And don't forget - Saturday, September 14, is the next Bag-of-Books Sale!


Bookstore News August 21 - 24

This week ALL children's books are 1/2 off! That means all picture books, all chapter books, all science books, all classics, all easy readers, all myths and folk tales - well I thnk you get it - ALL chilldren's books are 1/2 off!

Bookstore News August14 - 17

Books for 10¢ each! A grocery-size bag filled to the very top with books for only $2.00! It’s almost time for the annual Friends Fall Bag-of-Books Sale! Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 14. The sale will be on the third floor of Central Library and will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You will find lots of fiction, assorted non-fiction and children’s books. Stay tuned and I will fill you in on the details as we get closer to the date.

In the store this week we have lots of new children’s books, CDs, cookbooks, and unique and interesting reference materials.

Bookstore News August 7 - 10

Back to school, those are either dreaded words or music to your ears, depending on your perspective. We’ve already had people in looking for books from class reading lists. We have a good selection of the classics, literature, and quality fiction that teachers often ask their students read. Think about us when you get ready to buy. Why pay $10.00, $15.00, or more when you could buy it here for $1.00 or $2.00?

We have put together a cart of books for Back to School. It includes reference materials like dictionaries, atlases, grammar and writing aids, and other things that will be helpful in school.

And, on a totally non-school related topic, we have a nice collection of Nancy Drew books. These are hard cover, with a yellow binding, published in 2000. They’re a deal at $2.00 apiece.

Bookstore News July 31 - August 3

Videos remain on sale this week. Popular movie titles and new and classic children’s videos are only 50¢ each. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the “good old days” you might be interested in the Collector’s Edition of Soap, the popular and controversial prime-time soap opera spoof that ran from 1977 to 1981. The complete show is available in 20 videos.
     Are you the type of person who read encyclopedias when you were a kid? Do you love trivia? Do you surf the internet looking for interesting information? If you said yes to any of these questions we have a collection of books that might be right down your alley. This week we have a very interesting assortment of reference books on some unusual topics. You will find a compendium of aliens, robots and space ships, an encyclopedia of cowboys, an atlas of ancient Egypt, a dictionary of soldier talk, a book of famous villains, and more. You really need to come see for yourself.

Bookstore News July 24 - 27

We’re running a ½ price sale on all our VHS videos. We have a large selection of videos including popular movies, Walt Disney movies, nature videos and more. Individual videos are only 50¢ and sets are ½ off too.

Poetry is also being featured this week. Select poetry is ½ off. We have also refilled our shelves with a lot of “new” poetry. There is much to choose from.

Bookstore News July 17 - 20

We are now accepting credit and debit cards! We listened when you said you wanted to be able to use your credit and debit cards to buy books at the store. It’s a fact that most of us have become used to paying with plastic. Many of us rarely carry cash anymore, which makes shopping at a “cash only” store a bit challenging. Starting tomorrow, there’s no need to stop at the ATM to make sure you have cash or to remember to bring along your checkbook. When the store opens on Wednesday you may use your MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for your purchases. A minimum purchase of $5.00 will be necessary to use a credit or debit card.

Bookstore News July 10 - 13

This week in the bookstore:
• A select group of paperback and hard cover mystery is priced at only 50¢ each – try a new author
• A 2000 World Book Encyclopedia Set (22 volumes) for $50.00
• DVDs and CDs for only $2.50 each
• Great Art books!
• James Patterson’s 12th of Never, Clive Cussler’s Zero Hour, and Nora Robert’s Whiskey Beach, along with many other new releases

Bookstore News July 3 - 6


“Books are everywhere; and always the same sense of adventure fills us. Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack. Besides, in this random miscellaneous company we may rub against some complete stranger who will, with luck, turn into the best friend we have in the world.”
― Virginia Woolf, Street Haunting

I love both the “wild, homeless books” and the “domesticated volumes” and happily we have access to both at KPL and Friends of KPL. Plan to visit this week, the adventure awaits you! ~ Carol

Literary (Trade) Fiction is still 1/2 off this week.

Bookstore News June 26 - 29

This week:
- All literary fiction (a.k.a. trade fiction) is ½ off – normally $2.00, only $1.00 this week!
- Lots more great art books
- A wonderful selection of music book; books about music, instrument construction, and musicians
- Great donations this week means great choices for you!

Bookstore News June 19 - 22

We’ve put together a couple of great collections in the bookstore this week. We received an awesome donation of art books recently. You’ll find art by Diego Rivera, Cezanne, Magritte, Gauguin, and many others. You’ll also find a bit of how to – art technique books and books on design and architecture.

The second special collection we put out is what we call “Hobbies and How to” this category consists of books on crafts, games, collectibles, home improvement, needlecraft, and photography. You’re sure to find something to inspire you here.

Bookstore News June 12 - 15

If local history interests you; if you enjoy reading about local people, architecture, ecology, and events, both past and present, you’ll want to take a look at our Michigan Books collection. Here are just a few of the books you’ll find in the store when we open on Wednesday:
 • Kalamazoo: Nineteenth Century Homes in a Midwestern Village by Schmitt and Korab – Beautiful photographs that provide an inventory of historic homes in Kalamazoo
• The Events of October by Griffin - The story of a devastating murder on the campus of Kalamazoo College
• A 1000 Mile Walk on the Beach by Niewenhuis – One woman’s trek of the perimeter of Lake Michigan
• Cooper Trails and Iron Rails by Massie – A fascinating look at Michigan’s history
• Michigan Gardener’s Guide by Boland, Coit, and Hair – The what, where, when, how & why of Michigan gardening

Sidwalk Sale Saturday, June 8

Super Saturday Sidewalk Sale is this Saturday! I love this sale and this day in downtown Kalamazoo. There’s so much going on in Kzoo that day; the book sale, Do Dah Parade, Greek Fest, and so much more. The energy level is high and everywhere you look people are having a good time! Come enjoy the fun, stock up on books for 10¢ each or bring a grocery-size bag and fill it up for $2.00. When you buy books in the sale you get a coupon to use in the store. And don’t make the mistake of neglecting the store on Saturday, you’ll find all sorts of great deals inside too. If you read my blog or if you read this on Facebook, take a minute and say hi if you see me. I love to make those personal connections with other book lovers!

June 8 Sidewalk Sale

The Friends Super Saturday Sidewalk Sale is coming very soon. The sale takes place during June Jubilee Weekend on Saturday, June 8. You can start gathering up your book bargains at 9:00 a.m. but you need to be done by 4:00 p.m. Prices have remained at our super low sale prices –books are 10¢ each or you can buy a bag full for $2.00. You may buy a grocery bag for $2.00 (while supplies last) and fill it up, or bring your own bags. There will be thousands of books available. Categories of books will include fiction, children’s books, science fiction, romance, and nonfiction. You will also be able to buy cds, videos, and audio books at these great low prices. Call us at 269-553-7820 with questions.

Bookstore News May 22 - 25

 Come on down and see us this week. We put out lots of new stuff on Monday and Tuesday. If you’re here at noon on Wednesday you’ll get first pick of all the new books shelved this week. But we put out new books almost every day so any day is a good day to shop at the Friends Bookstore.

 Our science-fiction BOGO continues this week – with new books added daily.  We put out a lot of great science and nature this week and also have a $1.00 science and nature cart with lots of  bargains on it. You’ll also find sale carts of military history and  black studies, both marked 1/2 off.


Friends Bookstore News May 15 - 18

Here are two sales to check out at the Friends Bookstore this week:

  • Select Science Fiction is Buy One (for $1.00) and Get One Free
  • Select Black Studies is ½ off our regular low prices

Good selection at great prices!

Also, we put out an exceptionally nice selection of art books this week. If you enjoy art books, hurry down, these always go fast.

Bookstore News May 8 - 11

Five Reasons You Should Buy Your Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift at the Friends:
   1) Great low prices mean you can buy lots of books, DVDs, CDs, and/or audio books.
   2) Great selection means you’re sure to find something your mom will like.
   3) Gift Certificates are available, so you can let Mom enjoy choosing her own books.
   4) Your mom will appreciate how thrifty and sensible you are.
   5) Your mom will be proud and happy that you got her a great gift while supporting your local library!
Check out our pre-selected Mother’s Day books that are ½ off this week, but don’t limit yourself to our selection, there are many books throughout the store that will make wonderful gifts.

Bookstore News May 1 - 4

One of the things that keep people coming back again and again to the Friends Bookstore is the element of surprise. You never know what will be available from week to week. Each time you visit the store you will see something different; you might find a collectible vintage volume or a New York Times Best Seller. Here’s just a sample of the many hundreds of books put out this week:
• The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachael Joyce
• The Trials of Lenny Bruce – the Fall and Rise of an American Icon, with CD, by Collins & Skover
• The Striker by Clive Cussler
• The Plan of Chicago – Daniel Burnham and the Remaking of the American City, by Carl Smith
• Netherlanders in America, A Study of Emigration and Settlement in the 19th and 20th Centuries in the United States of America by Jacob Van Hinte ( a hefty 1155 page tome)
• Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson
• The Tin Ticket, The Heroic Journey of Australia’s Convict Women by Deborah J. Swiss
• The Kalamazoo County Polk Directory 2012
• 250 new children’s picture books!

Bookstore News April 24 - 27


I’m shouting
I’m singing
I’m swinging through trees
I’m winging sky high
With the buzzing black bees.

I’m the sun
I’m the moon
I’m the dew on the rose.
I’m a rabbit
Whose habit
Is twitching his nose.

I’m lively
I’m lovely
I’m kicking my heels.
I’m crying “Come dance”
To the freshwater eels.

I’m racing through meadows
Without any coat
I’m a gamboling lamb
I’m a light leaping goat
I’m a bud
I’m a bloom
I’m a dove on a wing.

I’m running on rooftops
And welcoming spring!

- Karla Kuskin

This is the last full week of National Poetry Month. We’ve been featuring poetry all month and we still have so many wonderful children’s poetry books available! I’m going to try and tempt you with a special sale this week, Buy One and Get One Free! I think you’ll have a great time just paging through these books, and I know you’ll have fun reading them out loud!

We also have great special sales on trade fiction and mystery. Oh, and there’s a wonderful selection of poetry for grown-ups too.

Bookstore News April 17 - 20

We have two sales in the bookstore this week that I think you’ll want to check out. A large and varied selection of our trade fiction is on sale– buy one for $1.00 and get one free.(If you’re curious by what I mean by trade fiction, read below) You will find lots of popular authors and recent titles. These are garage sale prices! Come in and stock up! The other sale is on select short stories. We have a very nice selection of short stories for ½ off our regular prices, which makes most of these books 50¢ or $1.00.
If you haven’t visited us for a while, do it this week. In addition to all the great fiction we have books on everything from agriculture (gardening) to Zen Buddhism.

Paperback trade fiction is probably the most popular fiction that we sell in the bookstore. Occasionally someone will ask what exactly trade fiction is. Paperback books are published in three formats – mass market, trade and premium. Mass market paperbacks are the small paperbacks that usually sell for $7.99 new, premium paperbacks are the newest edition to the paperback family and are the same width as mass market paperbacks but about ¾” taller and sell for $9.99 new, and trade fiction are both wider and taller than both of the other formats and sell for $14.99 new. Trade fiction paperbacks are often referred to as book club books.

Bookstore News April10 - 13

April is National Poetry Month. It is the month that we celebrate and honor poets and poetry. We put together a cart of poetry for children, geared for the most part toward younger children, and featuring humorous and whimsical poems. What child can resist a good rhyme? Take advantage of National Poetry Month to share the joy of poetry with a child you love. We have not left adults out of the celebration either. You will find a cart full of poetry we pulled together for you. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to savor a beautifully written poem may be just what you need.

Bookstore News April 3 - 6

Spring is here. I know that, not because the weather has convinced me, but because I see the school-age children out and about, off from school for (it must be) spring break. It looks like the weather is not going to cooperate by providing warm, sunny, spring days, for playing outdoors. So if you find yourself looking for something to do with your kids, I have a suggestion.
KPL is offering a series of fun events and activities geared for young school-aged children. The
program is called Spring Break Staycation and it runs all week. Check out the KPL website to learn more. While you are at the library with your children, be sure and visit the bookstore on the lower level. We have a wonderful Children’s area, filled with many story books, picture books, and nonfiction. There is also a teen/tween section filled with books for your middle or high schooler.

This week we have a great selection of Caldecott and Newbery award winning books available. And as a special spotlight for spring break we have a cart full of tween/teen fiction priced 3 for $1.00.

Finally, because April is poetry month, we have put together a cart full of children’s poetry. There are some really fun and entertaining poetry books I think you’ll enjoy sharing with your children.

We look forward to seeing you.

Bookstore News March 27 - 30

The Buy One Get One Free special continues on select Teen Fiction this week. Buy one book for a dollar and get a second book free. There is a lot of good reading available at this stunningly low price.

We are also spotlighting Michigan books this week. We have put together a collection of Michigan-themed books. It’s a varied and interesting collection of recent and older books. Here’s a sample of some of the topics: ship wrecks on the Great Lakes, city histories, lore and legends, native plants, gardener’s guide, and much more.

Friends Bookstore News March 20 - 23

Teen and Tween fiction is on sale this week. Don’t miss this special Buy One Get One Sale on select Teen and Tween fiction. When you buy one book for $1.00 you get the second one free. Stock up. Spread the word. This is a wonderful way for voracious readers to assure a supply that will stave off the anxiety that arises when the book pile starts to dwindle. (That isn’t just me is it?)

Bookstore News March 13 - 16

The sale on select Large Print books continues this week. It’s a super sale – buy one for $1.00 and get two free – that’s three for the price of one! These are hardcover books, mostly fiction, and a real eclectic group of authors and titles. This is the last week to get these Large Print books at this extraordinary price!

If you like Science Fiction you will want to plan a visit. We have a lot of Sci-Fi so we put out an extra cart-full, that’s an extra 150 plus Science Fiction books to choose from this week.

Large Print Sale - March 6- 9

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! Right now we have way too many large print books. Boxes and boxes (and boxes) of large print books – good books – but they’re taking more than their fair share of space. I think our solution will make some people very happy. The books are out of the boxes now and starting Wednesday, we are offering a very special deal on select large print books, buy one for $1.00 and get 2 free! The books are hardcover and most are fiction, but not all, there is a sprinkling of assorted nonfiction. If you know someone who likes or needs large print, please let them know about this sale. I’m sure they’ll thank you.

Bookstore News February 27 - March 2

You can Buy One Get One Free this week on select hard cover fiction; buy one book for only $1.00 and get a second book free. This collection of books includes general fiction, mystery and even a little sci-fi. You will choose from recent titles and popular authors. This is another one of those deals you don’t want to miss.

Every once in a while donations coming into the bookstore slow down. Maybe it’s the weather or just the time of year, after all it’s cold, often with rain or snow. We are beginning to get low on certain categories of books. We are presently looking for GENTLY USED books in the following categories:

• Literature and Classics – this is our greatest need
• History
• Civil War
• Art
• Cook Books

You can click on this link for information on donating or just click on the Donating Books and Media link to the right of this post.

We truly appreciate your help.

Friends Bookstore February 20 - 23

 Here are a couple of reasons you should visit the Friends Bookstore this week:

  • We added many lovely leather-looking classics by the Franklin Library Press to our Classics and Literature collection, think Jane Eyre, The Scarlet Letter, Paradise Lost, etc.
  • This is the last week for our 10¢ sale on select children’s books
  • We put together a nice selection of Black Studies books in honor of Black History Month
  • We have a spotlight on Science Fiction
  • We have a spotlight on Children’s folk tales, myths and legends
  • We have great deals every day!


Bookstore News February 13 - 16

The donations we receive from the generous people in this community keep our little store fresh and interesting. Almost every day we unload boxes and bags filled with books which we then sort, price and shelve. I can assure you that the people in this community are not only generous but also interesting and well read. We love receiving the wide range of topics and titles we are given.

We do get a lot of questions about the types of books we want or need. I appreciate questions. There are certain books or types of books that we don’t have a market for. For example, old text books are not big sellers, neither are old encyclopedias or old health or legal books. This link will give you the information you need.

Right now we are in need of current nonfiction. We are looking for history, science, psychology, self-help, art, travel and geography books. We know that many people read their books and save them; other’s read and pass their books along. If you have current nonfiction that you are ready to pass along we would love to accept it and get it out in the store for others to enjoy. Your donations make great books available for others to read and help raise funds to support our local library. Please call us at 553.7820 if you have any questions.

Bookstore News February 6 - 9

This is definitely the time of year that you do not want to run out of books to read; it’s cold, it’s snowy, and it’s just plan difficult to get around. There is an easy way to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Bundle up and come on down to the Friends Bookstore, bring $10.00 with you. With an investment of $10.00 and a little time spent looking through our books, you could easily walk out of here with enough books to get you through the worst part of the rest of this winter.

Spotlights this week include: Black History, Children’s Folk Tales, Memoirs, and Valentine’s Day books.

Bookstore News January 30 - February 2


“The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television.” ~Andrew Ross, author

Our small bookstore is filled with ideas to contemplate, facts to learn, and stories to immerse yourself in.

I want to share with you a list of the categories of books we have available in the bookstore. You'll find lots of food for thought.

Architecture, Art, Biography, Black Studies, Business, CDs (music), Children’s, Civil War, Classics, Collectibles, Computers, Cooking, Crafts, Diet, Drama, Education, Fiction, Fitness, Food, Foreign Language, Gardening, Geography, Government, Health, History, Hobbies, How To, Humor, Language, Law, Literature, Marriage, Mathematics, Medicine, Michigan, Military, Miscellaneous, Music, Mystery, Native American, Nature, New Age, New Arrivals, Occult, Parenting, Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Reading, Reference, Religion, Romance, Science, Science Fiction, Self Help, Seniors, Sociology, Speaking, Speech, Sports, Spy, Travel, True Stories, Westerns, Women’s Issues, Writing, Young Adult Fiction

We welcome you to come in and browse.

Bag-of-Books Sale Saturday, January 26

This is the week you’ve been waiting for. The first Bag-of-Books  Sale of 2013 is this Saturday and once again two dollars buys a grocery-size bag full of books! There are thousands of good books to choose from. Books will be divided by category, and you can select from general fiction and mystery, science fiction, romance, large print, assorted nonfiction, and children’s books. There will also be CDs, videos, and audio books.. You never know what treasures you may find!

The sale starts at 9:00 Saturday morning and winds up at 3:30. It takes place on the third floor of Central Library. We encourage you to bring your own bag but we will have a limited supply of bags available. All books and a/v materials at this sale are 10₵ each or only $2.00 for everything you can fit in a grocery-size bag. 

Call us at 553.7820 if you have any questions.

Bookstore News - January 16 - 19

Specials this week include: 

  • Select children’s picture books and youth fiction -  Buy One for $1.00 Get One Free! 
  • Animal stories and books on animal care – all $1..00 or less 
  • An eclectic selection of books about religion and spirituality -  most $2.50 or less


Bookstore News January 9 - 12

This week our normal business hours resume. The new year is firmly underway and we begin 2013 grateful for the opportunity to continue the rewarding relationships we have with the Kalamazoo Public Library and also with the Kalamazoo/Portage community.

The Friends of the Kalamazoo Public Library was organized in 1937 by a group of residents that valued and wanted to give support to the public library. (Click here to learn more about the history of the FKPL  ) The present Board and members of the Friends of KPL continues to be dedicated to promoting the library as an essential institution in our community. We feel privileged to be able to carry on these efforts and proud of our local public library and all the important services it offers to our community. We believe that the Kalamazoo Public Library is truly one of Kalamazoo’s greatest assets.

Kalamazoo is a community that values and supports its library. One of the ways this community shows that support is through generous donations to the FKPL. We are constantly surprised and delighted by the quantity and quality of the donations we receive.

So as we begin this new year we want to thank the Kalamazoo Public Library for the amazing contributions it makes to our community, we want to thank all of the wonderful people that donate books and music and movies, and we want to thank our customers who over time have become our friends.

Spotlights this week are: Religion, Political Science, and Poetry