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Elysha Geeks Sewing

I know, it's super girly, but I geek sewing. It is so neat to be able to take a simple piece of fabric and make it into a dress or shirt that is totally unique, and fits you perfectly in size and style. I love to turn on an audiobook or CD from the library and sit down to sew as a way to unwind from a long day at work. And then when you finish something and put it on for the first time it is so exciting! (At this point I usually have a little fashion show for my lazy cat Buster who likes to sit by me and beg to have his belly rubbed while I sew.) I have found that the more I sew, the better become at it. The better I become, the more successful my projects are. The more successful my projects are, the more I geek it! It's a vicious (but wonderful) circle!!


Elysha Cloyd