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Pam Geeks Serendipity

Serendipity: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. This simple word manages to play a role in my gravitation toward most everything I find meaningful upon which to embark. From the time I spend working with the Friends of the Library here at the KPL, to my hobby of ancestry research, to retired items of clothing that beckon to be created into animals I make and sell, serendipity creates a draw toward things that grow me. I encounter people from whom I learn important things, ancestors that shaped my place in this world today, and activities that sustain the creativity that lives in my soul. It shouts cheerfully as it weaves across my path, "Look! This way," and off I veer helplessly.

Invariably, I've learned to know when it's serendipity at work and not just a passing fancy. It's when the emotion grabs me quick, and I'm lost if I don't follow. It's where I find the good stuff in life; the lucky stuff that leads me to even more serendipitous discoveries.

—Pam Selkirk

Geek the Library


Interesting topic. I love words but haven't seen this one used in a while. Naturally when I saw the entry I was drawn. I love it though! I'm hoping for some serendipity to befall me soon as I follow what interests me. Good luck!