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Libraries Address Literacy Needs

Many public libraries play a significant role in tackling community literacy issues—especially with young children. A new article in the Eastern Arizona Courier says, “Public libraries are well suited to address the literacy needs of the entire family, from birth to adulthood. Public libraries can also act as economic equalizers in the community, offering free books and services to all ages and providing literacy-rich opportunities to children who might otherwise miss out. And libraries turn no one away!” Read the complete article.


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September is Library Card Sign-up Month!

Library Card Sign-up Month is a celebration held at the beginning of the new school year during which librarians across the country remind parents and caregivers that a library card is the most important school supply of all.

This year, Troy Polamalu, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, joins us as Honorary Chair of Library Card Sign-up Month.

Visit your nearest library location with your children and teens today and sign up for a library card!

Not sure how to get a library card? Check out: How to get a library card.

A library card is a key resource in achieving academic success, and the library is the perfect place to spend quality family time together.


Library Card Sign-Up Month
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Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries

Emily Bristol shared her views about the future of (and the need for) public libraries in her recent article, Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries, published by the Independent Voter Network (IVN). Here are her nine reasons that attest to the value of public libraries:

  1. The house of the 99%: Libraries give people “access to information, education, news…”
  2. Libraries build equity: Libraries serve as a focal point of the community...
  3. Community hope chest: “Libraries house special collections based on the needs and unique identities of the communities they serve...”
  4. Renewable resource: Libraries allow users to borrow a wide variety of materials...
  5. Literacy: “Studies show that children’s literacy is greatly improved by access to summer reading programs and preschool reading programs at public libraries...”
  6. Leveling the playing field: “Libraries offer vital resources for communities that might not otherwise be served or feel integrated.”
  7. Safe space: “The public library may be the only free space available that is also a safe space...”
  8. Cultural touchstone: “Many libraries showcase art — often by local artists...”
  9. Drop in or drop out: “Libraries can also be a place that means the difference between a child’s success or failure in school...”  

Read the full article...

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