Geek theLibrary!

Whatever You Geek, The Public Library Supports It All

Everyone is passionate about something—everyone geeks something. Your public library supports it all. Support your library.


Access For All

Historically, ‘access for all’ is what drove the establishment of most public libraries. This mission still rings true today. For many Americans, their local library is an important source for free public access to computers and the Internet in their communities—and for some, it is their only access. 

A Personal Touch

Last year, librarians helped millions of people find out more about what they geek, discover new interests and search for jobs online. Librarians are passionate about your community, they are passionate about what you geek and they are passionate about you. 

The Possibilities Place

In addition to traditional library resources, such as books and children’s programs, your library offers innovative geeking opportunities for teens and adults. Genealogy research, nonprofit support, early childhood literacy programs and more.