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Jamie-Sue Seal & John Latini

Date, Location

    Roots, Jazz Standards and Blues: Big Time Family Fun!

    John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal present a holiday show with wonderful musical presentations of classic and original Christmas and winter-themed songs performed by award winning musicians. Big time family fun!

    Their concerts include songs they've penned from their own seasonal albums Dear Santa and Winterlude. The show is also chock full of some of your favorite holiday songs including “What A Wonderful World” and “Baby It's Cold Outside!” This entertaining show will have you singing and laughing.

    “Jamie-Sue Seal and John Latini put together musical shows that go way beyond the aging hipster folk crap. Exceptional musicianship combined with enormous wit and engaging showmanship, they are the real deal” —Michael Curths, concert promoter


    John Latini seems to win songwriting awards on an annual basis---he was Detroit Blues Champion twice, a semi-finalist (with Seal) in the Windsor Blues Challenge, and winner of an array of other awards and nominations in four states. With his beguiling, husky voice and righteous, blues-based guitar style, John also fronts his own band, the Flying Latini Brothers, sometimes featuring guest singer Jamie-Sue Seal on a few songs during the holiday season. Seal herself is an established songwriter, singer,  artist manager, concert promoter, label proprietress, networker extraordinaire and tireless all-around roots-music entrepreneur. With four self-produced solo CDs, Seal also fronts a band called the Troublers (formerly the Radiotown Flyers) that features John Latini on bass and sometimes pedal steel.

    That they should work together as a duo seems as natural as two healthy vines intertwining. The five-o'clock shadow of Latini's voice is a perfect foil for Seal's sunny vocal clarity, whether in harmony or playing off each other---it's a him-and-her, back-and-forth synergy that can't be manufactured, only cultivated.

    Latini and Seal are flagship artists on Seals' own Smokin' Sleddog Records. They're currently performing a collection of songs called "A Night of Hillbilly-Endorsed and Hippie-Approved Music," their annual holiday programs and since 2006 touring in the increasingly popular "Un-Valentine's Show: Songs and Tales of Unforgiveness, Heartbreak, Dysfunction and Revenge."

    Despite that they're well-represented on many forms of 21st-century media, Seal and Latini and their true-to-life heartlander music are steadily growing a fan base across the states, from New York to New Mexico, the old-fashioned way; by putting on great shows in small, intimate venues as well as big halls, one live human being at a time.

    The duo has performed together in 12 states from New York to New Mexico and at notable venues and events including The Ten Pound Fiddle, Songbird Music Hall, Yellow Moon Cafe, InsideOut Gallery and showcased at prestigious conferences including APAP, Arts Midwest, AMA, and OAPN.