A/T Resources: Life in Medieval Times


Looking for information on this year's A/T topic? Here are some resources to get you started.

Castles of Britain Castle Learning Center
Dedicated to the study and promotion of British Castles this website provides detailed information for "students, writers, and enthusiasts of all ages to explore castles".
Castles on the Web
All things castles: castle links, castle photos, a castle site of the day, and more.
Medieval Studies for K-12
A list of links that are specifically related to various aspects of the middle ages.
Medieval Times
Daily life and political power in the middle ages. Indexed.
Medieval Women
At McMaster University, students and professors worked together to make this site about daily life for women in the middle ages. Includes a timeline and an extensive list of resources.
The Middle Ages, Chivalry, & Knighthood
A list of links to online sources divided into categories.
New York Carver
Detailed information about medieval architecture and a virtual tour of a medieval cathedral.


Here bygynneth Chaucer's Canterbury Tales  by Geoffrey ChaucerHere bygynneth Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Chaucer, Geoffrey
ISBN: 0763631973
Call Number: *J 821 CHAU
Marcia Williams retells nine favorite Canterbury tales in her witty, engaging comic-strip style. Includes "The Clerk's Tale," "The Miller's Tale," and "The Wife of Bath's Tale." Full color.
Knights & castles by Philip SteeleKnights & castles
Steele, Philip
ISBN: 9780753462287
Call Number: *J 940.1 STEE
A guide to the medieval world and its knights, battles, tournaments, and castles.
Ms. Frizzle's adventures. Medieval castle  by Joanna ColeMs. Frizzle's adventures. Medieval castle
Cole, Joanna
ISBN: 0590108204
Call Number: J 728.81 C
When Ms. Frizzle and her student Arnold follow an underground passage beneath Craig's Castle Shop and find themselves in the middle of a siege of a 12th century English castle, they learn a great deal about both castles and the Middle Ages.
Good masters! Sweet ladies! : voices from a medieval village by Laura Amy SchlitzGood masters! Sweet ladies! : voices from a medieval village
Schlitz, Laura Amy
ISBN: 0763615781
Call Number: J 808.51 SCHL
A collection of short one-person plays featuring characters, between ten and fifteen years old, who live in or near a thirteenth-century English manor. 2008 Newbery Award winner.
A medieval castle  by Mark BerginA medieval castle
Bergin, Mark
ISBN: 1577689801
Call Number: J 940.1 B
Describes a castle and its inhabitants in medieval time.
Knights & castles  by Philip DixonKnights & castles
Dixon, Philip
ISBN: 9781416938644
Call Number: J 940.1 DIXO
Utilizing state-of-the-art CGI and 3-D model illustration, this book takes readers into the medieval world, where they get a glimpse of the cross section of a functioning castle, examine weapons and machines used for battle and defense, and see what knights wore underneath their armor. Full color.
Life in a medieval village  by James BarterLife in a medieval village
Barter, James
ISBN: 1590182669
Call Number: 940.1 B283
Explains what life was like for the various occupants in a medieval village.
Archers, alchemists, and 98 other medieval jobs you might have loved or loathed  by Priscilla GallowayArchers, alchemists, and 98 other medieval jobs you might have loved or loathed
Galloway, Priscilla
ISBN: 1550378112
Call Number: J 940.1 G
An original and humorously illustrated guide to 100 historically accurate medieval careers. Sidebars expound on intriguing elements of medieval life such as medieval cosmetics and torture techniques.
The Kingfisher atlas of the medieval world  by Simon AdamsThe Kingfisher atlas of the medieval world
Adams, Simon
ISBN: 0753459469
Call Number: J 940.1 ADAM
With 16 exquisite maps showing what the world was like from A.D. 500 to 1450, this book is sure to feed children's fascination with knights, castles, Vikings, Crusades, the Aztecs, and the Incas. Full color.
The crafts and culture of a medieval manor  by Joann JovinellyThe crafts and culture of a medieval manor
Jovinelly, Joann
ISBN: 1404207562
Call Number: J 940.1 JOVI
Knights & castles : exploring history through art  by Alex MartinKnights & castles : exploring history through art
Martin, Alex
ISBN: 1587284413
Call Number: J 940.1 M
A look at the lives of medieval knights, both on and off the battlefield.
Knight  by Christopher GravettKnight
Gravett, Christopher
ISBN: 9780756630034
Call Number: J 940.1 GRAV
Discusses the age of knighthood, covering such aspects as arms, armor, training, ceremonies, tournaments, the code of chivalry, and the Crusades.
Medieval people by Sarah HowarthMedieval people
Howarth, Sarah
ISBN: 1562941534
Call Number: J 940.1 HOWA


Crispin : the cross of lead by Avi Crispin : the cross of lead
ISBN: 0786808284
Call Number: *J
In fourteenth-century England a nameless thirteen-year-old peasant boy, who thought he had little to lose, finds himself with even less. Accused of a crime he did not commit, he has been declared a "wolf's head," meaning that anyone can kill him on sight. To remain alive the boy must flee his tiny village, taking with him only his newly revealed name -- Crispin -- and his mother's cross of lead.
Tales of court and castle  by Joan BodgerTales of court and castle
Bodger, Joan
ISBN: 0887766145
Call Number: PBK J B
Presents a collection of tales about life in medieval times.
The king's arrow by Michael CadnumThe king's arrow
Cadnum, Michael
ISBN: 9780670063314
Call Number: *J CADN
In England's New Forest on the second day of August, 1100, eighteen-year-old Simon Foldre, delighted to be allowed to participate in a royal hunt as squire to the Anglo-Norman nobleman Walter Tirel, finds his future irrevocably altered when, during the hunt, he witnesses the possible murder of King William II.
Catherine, called Birdy  by Karen CushmanCatherine, called Birdy
Cushman, Karen
ISBN: 0395681863
Call Number: *J
Set against a backdrop of life in a medieval manor, a 14-year-old girl feels trapped because her father is determined to marry her off to a rich man. She manages to send several would-be husbands packing, but then comes a man from the north--the oldest, the ugliest, and the richest.
The midwife's apprentice  by Karen CushmanThe midwife's apprentice
Cushman, Karen
ISBN: 0395692296
The girl known only as Brat has no family, no home and no future until she meets Jane the Midwife and becomes her apprentice. As she helps the sharp-tempered Jane deliver babies, Brat--who renames herself Alyce--gains knowledge, confidence, and the courage to want something from life.
Run far, run fast  by Timothy DeckerRun far, run fast
Decker, Timothy
ISBN: 9781590784693
Stark pen-and-ink drawings illustrate this exploration of the bleak yet breathtaking world of 14th-century Europe, as Decker tells a haunting story of a young girl who attempts to escape the Pestilence that is sweeping through the continent.
Magic in the margins : a medieval tale of bookmaking  by W. Nikola-LisaMagic in the margins : a medieval tale of bookmaking
Nikola-Lisa, W.
ISBN: 9780618496426
Call Number: J NIKO
A young apprentice learns to tap his own wellspring of creativity with the help of the magical margins of an illuminated manuscript in this story about patience, talent, and imagination. Full color.
Sword of the rightful king  by Jane YolenSword of the rightful king
Yolen, Jane
ISBN: 0152025278
Call Number: *J
Merlinnus the magician devises a way for King Arthur to prove himself the rightful king of England--pulling a sword from a stone--but trouble arises when someone else removes the sword first.