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Create Your Own Book Reviews!

Ever read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a recording you loved so much you want to tell everyone all about it? Now you can create your own book reviews for the Kalamazoo Public Library website!

And, if you want, you can record your review with your own voice. We'll post your book review on our website!

Love that book? Didn’t like it so much? Be Creative and tell the world all about it! It’s easy.

  1. Write a short review of a book you read. You can do it right from our website or come to your neighborhood KPL branch to write your review.
  2. Come to library and we’ll help you record the review you wrote. You need to have a parent sign a release form before we can put your voice on our website.

Listen to an example. You can write and record a review about anything you read and make it your own with your own voice. Have fun with Summer Reading Games this year!


Create Your Own Book Reviews!