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Read to Me!

"Dad's Golden Hour", an article by Clint Kelly in a recent enough issue of Motheringmagazine, is all about dads reading to their kids - how much fun it is and how it creates time away from the stresses of everyday life while creating a lasting connection. The article offers tips to dads and moms for making reading aloud to your kids even more fun. One of my favorite suggestions from the article is to try reading with your kids in a different, special space - underneath the kitchen table or even up a tree. The author also suggests reading stories at dinnertime, a nice way to combine two family strengthening routines in one busy day. I also like Kelly's suggestion to give kids parts in the story, a great way to read with, not just read to your children. Finally, a suggestion to make up your own stories to tell your kids is a good one. Kids are fascinated by their parents' real life stories from when they were children.


Read to Me!