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Starting to Click

It's so interesting to watch reading skills start to click for children. While the process of learning to read is different for everyone, you can often recognize those kids who have been read to a lot. It must be so much easier for them when they know that those little black blocks of sticks and squiggles correspond to the words they hear and say. And when they know about turning pages and going from left to right (for most of the books in this culture) and which way is up. All of these concepts about print are more easily learned when kids are read to early and often. Then, when the decoding part "starts to click" early readers have a more enjoyable time on top of that solid foundation. Building this foundation of concepts about print most often requires only a consistent and caring pleasurable effort- sharing books with your children every day. Singing easy songs - whatever you like. Saying those rhymes you remember or find some new ones. Your kids will love them. Choose books that you'll both enjoy. Visit your branch library for lots of great read aloud choices and you can watch it start to click from the very beginning.


Starting to Click