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New Nonfiction

September 2014

Komodo Dragons and Geckos by Henry ThatcherKomodo Dragons and Geckos  
Thatcher, Henry
Call Number: J597.95 THAT
Lizards large and small -- Where in the world? -- Home sweet home -- Are they alike? -- Comparing geckos and komodo dragons -- Largest living lizard -- Amazing geckos -- Diets: big and small -- Big or small, which is better?
Ashley Bryan's Puppets by Ashley BryanAshley Bryan's Puppets  
Bryan, Ashley
Call Number: J 811 BRYA
Introduces puppets created out of found objects by describing each with a poem.
How to Track a Rhinoceros by Dory ZaneHow to Track a Rhinoceros  
Zane, Dory
Call Number: J 599.668 ZANE
Tracking rhinoceroses -- Where to find rhinos -- Look at the lips! -- Rhinos' lives -- Rhino babies -- Pooping plant pieces -- Piles of dung! -- What can dung tell you? -- Keeping rhinos safe -- The future for rhinos.
Physics:  Investigate the Mechanics of Nature by Jane GardnerPhysics: Investigate the Mechanics of Nature  
Gardner, Jane
Call Number: J 530 GARD
Provides an introduction to physics, explaining how skateboarders use force and motion to perform tricks, how gravity determines the path of a baseball throw, and how electricity is used to power toasters and put on rock shows.
Where on Earth Are Forests? by Bobbie KalmanWhere on Earth Are Forests?  
Kalman, Bobbie
Call Number: J 577.3 KALM
What are forests? -- Northern forests -- Temperate forests -- Tropical rain forests -- The Amazon rainforest -- North American forests -- Tropical North America -- The forests of Europe -- The forests of Asia -- Southeast Asia forests -- African rain forests -- Endangered animals -- Australia and Oceania -- Why we need forests. 
Wild Sea Creatures:  Sharks, Whales, and Dolphins! by Martin KrattWild Sea Creatures: Sharks, Whales, and Dolphins!  
Kratt, Martin
Call Number: J 591.77 KRATT
The Kratt Brothers use their creature powers to swim with sharks, whales, and other wild sea creatures, in a book that identifies the characteristics of sperm whales, tiger sharks, blowfish, and dolphins.