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Picture Books

Country Crossing by Jim AylesworthCountry Crossing
Aylesworth, Jim
ISBN: 0689315805
Call Number: JE A
On a long-ago summer night in the country, an old man and a little boy stop at a railroad crossing to watch and listen as a freight train roars past and then disappears into the quiet night.
Trains by Byron BartonTrains
Barton, Byron
ISBN: 0694011673
Call Number: JT B
Byron Barton introduces young readers to the excitement of trains in this bold and colorful book. All aboard as the train journeys through a town, past workers repairing a rail and into the station.
Crossing by Philip BoothCrossing
Booth, Philip
ISBN: 0763614203
Call Number: JE B
Breathtakingly vivid gouache illustrations reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's work will draw children into this nostalgic poem about freight trains.
The Train to Timbuctoo by Margaret BrownThe Train to Timbuctoo
Brown, Margaret
ISBN: 0307102157
Call Number: JE B
A big train and a little train go from Kalamazoo to Timbuctoo.
Two Little Trains by Margaret BrownTwo Little Trains
Brown, Margaret
ISBN: 0060283769
Call Number: JE B
Two little trains, one streamlined, the other old-fashioned, puff, puff, puff, and chug, chug, chug, on their way West.
It's Funny Where Ben's Train Takes Him by Robert BurleighIt's Funny Where Ben's Train Takes Him
Burleigh, Robert
ISBN: 0531301060
Call Number: JE B
Ben draws a train that takes him to all sorts of wonderful places before returning him to his own bed.
Hey, Get Off Our Train! by John BurninghamHey, Get Off Our Train!
Burningham, John
ISBN: 0517576384
Call Number: JE B
At bedtime a young boy takes a trip on his toy train and rescues several endangered animals.
Choo Choo: the Story of a Little Engine Who Ran Away by Virginia BurtonChoo Choo: the Story of a Little Engine Who Ran Away
Burton, Virginia
ISBN: 0395176840
Call Number: JE BURT
A little engine decides it could be much faster without pulling all the other cars, so it takes off by itself.
Prairie Train by Marsha ChallPrairie Train
Chall, Marsha
ISBN: 0688134335
Call Number: JE C
A young girl experiences the thrill of her first train ride when she takes the Great Northern from the country to visit her grandmother in the city.
This Train by Paul CollicuttThis Train
Collicutt, Paul
ISBN: 0374374937
Call Number: JE C
Simple text and illustrations depict different kinds of trains going uphill and downhill, crossing bridges and tunnels, using electricity or steam, carrying passengers or freight, even when it snows.
Freight Train by Donald CrewsFreight Train
Crews, Donald
ISBN: 068880165X
Call Number: JE CREW
Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles.
Shortcut by Donald CrewsShortcut
Crews, Donald
ISBN: 0688064361
Call Number: JE CREW
Children taking a shortcut by walking along a railroad track find excitement and danger when a train approaches.
Casey Jones by Allan DrummondCasey Jones
Drummond, Allan
ISBN: 0374311757
Call Number: JE D
Illustrations and rhythmic text tell how the famous engineer, Casey Jones, risks his own life to save others.
Time Train by Paul FleischmanTime Train
Fleischman, Paul
ISBN: 006021709X
Call Number: JE F
On a class trip to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, Miss Pym and her class are whisked back to prehistoric times by a mysterious train.
Full Steam Ahead by Faye GibbonsFull Steam Ahead
Gibbons, Faye
ISBN: 156397858X
Call Number: JE G
A young boy and his grandpa ride on a steam locomotive chugging through Georgia one hot summer day.
The Train They Call the City of New Orleans by Steve GoodmanThe Train They Call the City of New Orleans
Goodman, Steve
ISBN: 0399238530
Call Number: JE G
An illustrated version of the familiar song about riding on a train called the City of New Orleans.
Dinosaur Train by John GurneyDinosaur Train
Gurney, John
ISBN: 0060292458
Call Number: JE G
Thursday night at bedtime, Jesse climbs out his bedroom window and hops on board a mysterious dinosaur-filled train that steams into his backyard.
The Yellow Train by Alistair HighetThe Yellow Train
Highet, Alistair
ISBN: 1568461283
Call Number: JE H
A young boy takes an adventurous journey with his grandfather on the old train, recalling how it was used to explore and settle the Far West.
Down by the Station by Will HillenbrandDown by the Station
Hillenbrand, Will
ISBN: 0152018042
Call Number: JE HILL
In this version of a familiar song, baby animals ride to the children's zoo on the zoo train. Printed music on last page.
A Ride in the Crummy by Gary HinesA Ride in the Crummy
Hines, Gary
ISBN: 0688096913
Call Number: JE H
Two boys have an exciting ride in the caboose of a big train.
The Train to Glasgow by Wilma HorsbrughThe Train to Glasgow
Horsbrugh, Wilma
ISBN: 0618381430
Call Number: JE H
A rhyme in the style of "The House That Jack Built", describing the antics that occur when some chickens get loose on a train bound for Glasgow.
Trains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing! by Patricia HubbellTrains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing!
Hubbell, Patricia
ISBN: 0761451943
Call Number: JE H
Intricate collage illustrations add whimsy to Hubbell's rhyming text about all kinds of trains, train cars, cargoes, and railroad employees.
I Dream of Trains by  I Dream of Trains
ISBN: 0689826095
Call Number: JE J
The son of a sharecropper dreams of leaving Mississippi on a train with the legendary engineer Casey Jones.
Next stop, Grand Central by Maira KalmanNext stop, Grand Central
Kalman, Maira
ISBN: 0399229264
Call Number: JE K
Maira Kalman's stylized artwork, along with entertaining text, brilliantly captures the excitement of Grand Central Station, "the busiest, fastest, biggest place there is."
William and the Night Train by Mij KellyWilliam and the Night Train
Kelly, Mij
ISBN: 0374384371
Call Number: JE K
Mother has to convince William to go to sleep or the train will not go.
The Little Train by Lois LenskiThe Little Train
Lenski, Lois
ISBN: 0375810714
Call Number: JE L
Engineer Small at the throttle takes the little train on its run from Tiny Town to the big city.
Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo by Kevin LewisChugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
Lewis, Kevin
ISBN: 0786807601
Call Number: JT LEWI
What works from dawn to dusk without a break until it delivers all it's freight? A very busy steam engine gets the job done in this cheerful story.
All Aboard the Dinotrain by Deb LundAll Aboard the Dinotrain
Lund, Deb
ISBN: 0152052372
Call Number: JE LUND
When dinosaurs seek adventure by taking a train ride, they find the trip has some unexpected surprises along the way.
Trouble on the Tracks by Kathy MallatTrouble on the Tracks
Mallat, Kathy
ISBN: 0802787711
Call Number: JE M
There's Trouble with a capital "T" lurking among the familiar faces as a train makes its way through the villages along its route.
The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill PeetThe Caboose Who Got Loose
Peet, Bill
ISBN: 0395125782
Call Number: JE P
Katy Caboose is tired of being last, and one day a freak accident allows her to realize her dream of peace and solitude.
All Aboard! by Mary RayAll Aboard!
Ray, Mary
ISBN: 0316735078
Call Number: JE R
Mr. Barnes goes on a train trip and enjoys all the sights and sounds of the ride.
My Freight Train by Michael RexMy Freight Train
Rex, Michael
ISBN: 0805066829
Call Number: JE REX
In this bright, active picture book, a little boy lives out the fantasy of driving his own freight train, down to the last accurate detail.
Clickety Clack by Robert Spence IIIClickety Clack
Spence III, Robert
ISBN: 0670879460
Call Number: JE S
A little black train goes down the track. Clickety clack, clickety clack. There are chatting yaks, seven tumbling acrobats, a troupe of ducks going quack quack quack, and even some elephants on the little black train going down the track. With each new stop, the train gets more and more crowded, and noisier and noisier.
I Love Trains! by Philemon SturgesI Love Trains!
Sturges, Philemon
ISBN: 0060289007
Call Number: JE STUR
A boy expresses his love of trains, describing many kinds of train cars and their special jobs.
Night Train by Caroline StutsonNight Train
Stutson, Caroline
ISBN: 0761326626
Call Number: JE S
Rhyming text presents a nighttime train ride through the countryside, with lightning on the tracks, rattling cars, and the welcoming lights of the station at the end of the journey.
The Polar Express by Chris Van AllsburgThe Polar Express
Van Allsburg, Chris
ISBN: 0395389496
Call Number: JE V
A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa.
Here Comes the Train by Charlotte VoakeHere Comes the Train
Voake, Charlotte
ISBN: 0763604380
Call Number: JE V
Every Saturday, Chloe, her little brother William, and their father bicycle to a footbridge over the railroad tracks and wait for the trains to come thundering under them.
Puff-Puff, Chugga-Chugga by Christopher WormellPuff-Puff, Chugga-Chugga
Wormell, Christopher
ISBN: 0689839863
Call Number: JE W
The little train's conductor worries that the three large animals and their large packages won't fit, but they do.
Here Come Trainmice! by Wong YeeHere Come Trainmice!
Yee, Wong
ISBN: 0395984017
The train station becomes a busy and exciting place when the trainmice come clickety-clack down the track and passengers prepare to get on board.
Train Song by Harriet ZiefertTrain Song
Ziefert, Harriet
ISBN: 0531302040
Call Number: JE Z
A young boy watches a freight train go by on its daily run.

Non-fiction Books

Trains by Lynn CurleeTrains
Curlee, Lynn
ISBN: 9781416948483
Call Number: J 385 CURL
This bold and graphic look at trains and railroads by award-winning author and illustrator Lynn Curlee traces the tracks back to where they began. All aboard! 
Big book of trains by  Big book of trains
ISBN: 0789434369
Call Number: J 385 BIG
Describes the locomotives, cars, tunnels, stations, and functions of such trains as freight trains, channel tunnel trains, bullet trains, mountain trains, and snow trains.
Train by John CoileyTrain
Coiley, John
ISBN: 0789457563
Call Number: J 385 C
Traces the development of railways from the first Babylonian rutways to the electromagnetic, driverless trains of today and describes how trains are built and operated.
Smoke Steam, and Steel: Back in Time with Trains by Patrick O'BrienSmoke Steam, and Steel: Back in Time with Trains
O'Brien, Patrick
ISBN: 0881069698
Call Number: J 385 O
A boy traces the development of railroad engines from coal to steam to diesel as he recounts his family's experience of driving trains over the years.
Trains by Angela RoystonTrains
Royston, Angela
ISBN: 0689716478
Call Number: J 385 R
A simple introduction to different types of freight and commuter trains.
Seymour Simon's Book of Trains by Seymour SimonSeymour Simon's Book of Trains
Simon, Seymour
ISBN: 0060284757
Call Number: J 385 S
Seymour Simon's exploration of different trains and their uses, combined with his characteristically eye-catching full-color photographs, captures the beauty and power of steam trains, diesel trains, electric trains, and more -- all at work!
Freight Trains by Darlene StilleFreight Trains
Stille, Darlene
ISBN: 0756501482
Call Number: J 385 S
Bold, full-color images capture young readers' imagination while the text explains the history, importance, and variety of trains.
Locomotive: Building an Eight-wheeler by David WeitzmanLocomotive: Building an Eight-wheeler
Weitzman, David
ISBN: 0395696879
Call Number: J 385 W
In this companion volume to his Superpower: The Making of a Steam Locomotive, Weitzman turns to an earlier train--a wood-burning eight-wheeler made in the 1870s--and once again presents the process of its crafting through informative text and meticulous illustrations.
Steam Locomotives: Whistling, Chugging, Smoking Iron Horses of the Past by Karl ZimmermannSteam Locomotives: Whistling, Chugging, Smoking Iron Horses of the Past
Zimmermann, Karl
ISBN: 1590781651
Call Number: J 385 Z
Presents an introduction to the history of steam locomotives and how they worked.
Casey Jones's Fireman: The Story of Sim Webb by Nancy FarmerCasey Jones's Fireman: The Story of Sim Webb
Farmer, Nancy
ISBN: 0803719299
Call Number: J 398 F
In the final years of the nineteenth century, the engineer of the mighty locomotive depends on the fireman to stoke the furnace that runs the engine and supplies steam to the whistle. Sim Webb is proud to be Casey Jones's fireman--because Casey is the best engineer on the Illinois Central.