Global Reading Challenge Objectives

boy reading book

  1. To promote the love of reading (and have fun)
  2. To promote the use of public libraries as neighborhood and community resource centers
  3. To introduce children to a wide variety of literature and multicultural reading materials (and have fun)
  4. To provide a recreational outlet for readers
  5. To encourage children to participate in a group activity (and have fun)
  6. To encourage children to read for retention
  7. To provide positive experiences between children, librarians, teachers, and parents (and have fun)
  8. To form partnership with local schools and businesses, and strengthen community ties
  9. To build confidence and integrity in young readers (and have fun)
  10. To participate in a public library activity that promotes reading as a pleasurable lifelong experience.

Teacher and Coach Guidebook

GRC objectives, sample questions, team spirit, preparing for the challenge, rules, and more.

Download the 2016 Teacher and Coach Guide PDF