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Katie Kazoo Switcharoo- Doggone it!


A book written by Nancy E. Krulik

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When strict Mrs. Derkman moves next door to third-grader Katie Carew, scares her friends away, and insists she keep her dog, Pepper, on a leash, Katie finds a non-magical solution to the problem. Includes steps for teaching a dog to sit and stay.

Reviewed by Kasey, age 8

Kasey says, “Katie Kazoo is really, really funny."

In this book, she switches places with her DOG, Pepper! She tries to make her teacher like dogs and allow Pepper to stay off a leash. Once she is Pepper, she sees a white dog in Mrs.. Derkman's garden- eating zucchini (Mrs. Derkman thinks it is Pepper in the garden). Katie knows she needs Mrs. Derkman to catch the white dog in the garden, but that doesn't happen! Katie spends time chasing a squirrel. The squirrel ran up the tree, threw a nut at her, and "laughed" at her! Katie knocked down and broke Mrs. Derkman's garden troll while chasing the squirrel. She knew she was in trouble! At the end of the book, Mr. Derkman finds the white dog and convinces Mrs. Derkman to keep it. They named the dog Snowball. Snowball and Pepper become friends and Mrs. Derkman actually likes them. Katie was successful- Mrs. Derkman now allows Pepper and Snowball to play in her yard without leashes.