The School Story


A book written by Andrew Clements

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Twelve-year-old Natalie has written a story her best friend says is good enough to publish. But how can two sixth graders conquer the tough world of children's publishing?

Reviewed by Abby, age 9

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Abby says, “This book is totally awesome!”

The School Story was really inspiring. It was about a 6th grade girl named Natalie Nelson and she wrote a book called The Cheater. Natalie really wanted it published and although her mom was a publisher, she could not bring herself to ask her mom. But Natalie did want her mom to be the publisher. So her best friend, Zoe Reisman, helped and so did her English teacher, Ms. Clayton. Read this book to find out how the three of them worked together, kept Natalie’s secret, and got Ms. Nelson to publish The Cheater.